Wednesday, November 30, 2011

He Gave Her A Ring ! ! !

Can't post much here...but I'm sure smiling!!! Had a phone call from my son last night and they're officially ENGAGED!!!! Tentatively looking at maybe an April wedding. They've been together for quite awhile, and I think we all knew that's where this was going....but now it's official!!!! Translation: I'm gonna be a mother-in-law....and hopefully a grandma someday!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO JULIE & J...... I love you both and this just feels GREAT!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Big Sale...and Old Friends

Another weekend of craft sales and another good time. Christmas in the Foothills, held at the fairgrounds in Hutchinson, Kansas is probably the biggest local craft show around. I've done it for the past several years and always have a good time. It's two LONG days however!!!! LONG days!!!! Friday I was there from 8am until nearly 9pm, then returned on Saturday at 8am and it was about 5pm before I was out of there.

It's a pretty well-known show and draws a fairly good crowd. I heard several other vendors complain that they hadn't done as well this year. I actually did a little better than last year. And I thought last year was really great!

But I did have something happen this past week that really "made my day", I guess. Thursday night was "Third Thursday" in Hutch and a friend had asked me to come set up a table of my jewelry in her store. Originally I had said I couldn't because I had to set up for Christmas in the Foothills, but then realized I could do that earlier in the day and still do Third Thursday that evening.

It was a rather cold, windy evening and traffic where we were was incredibly slow. Mid-evening a couple that I've known for many years came in. Well, actually only she, Anita came in because they had a little dog with them. One of the other vendors that was set up also knew Anita, so we all began to chit-chat. Meanwhile there was a man that walked in and just kind of stood there looking at us...specifically he was looking at me. I didn't feel threatened, just a little awkward maybe. Finally he turned and went back outside. Shortly after that the husband, Larry walked in and I said to him, "What did you do with the dog, hang it from a tree?" He responded, "No, Palmer's got him." Well, Palmer was my first husband's best friend and he left here many, many years ago. I said, "Palmer's here??????" And Larry said, "Yeah....he came in but you didn't recognize him!" I jumped up and immediately went outside. Sure enough...there he was!!! Well...long story short (I know, too late)..we visited for probably a half hour and were just tickled to pieces to see each other. Then they all left. About 7:30 traffic was so slow that we all decided to give it up and go home. I was just getting ready to leave when in walked Palmer again! We wound up talking again for quite a while. Then Friday he came up to the Foothills sale and sat behind in my booth and we visited again. Then yesterday I was going to Walmart and there he was helping his 87 year old sister out of a van. Well, once inside the store she went on shopping and he and I stood and chatted again. He was planning to leave this morning to go back to Florida but it was wonderful to see him again. I did find out later that he hadn't recognized me either. His brother Larry had told him I was in the store and that's why he had came inside. As close as we can remember we think it's been about 45 years since we've seen each other. Sure was fun to reminisce!!

All in all a fun (and profitable) weekend. I'm working on trying to buy a little something for my living room, but so far I haven't been able to accomplish it. I'll keep you posted (with photos) if it happens.

No craft sale this weekend...couple of weeks of rest and catching up. Then two bigs one after that. I'll be posting on those too!!! Stay tuned!!!

Count your blessings!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Southeast Saline's Prairie Patch at Gypsum

Once again the people at the Southeast of Saline School District have outdone themselves with their annual arts and craft show, Prairie Patch. Last Saturday, the 12th, was the day. Location...near Gypsum. of about 400-450 people.

Earlier in the week a friend of mine had asked about the show and wondered whether they'd be able to get into it. I assured her it was huge and very full and I would seriously doubt they'd have any spaces left...but it doesn't hurt to call. So she did. A couple of days later she called me just pleased as punch...there'd been a cancellation and they had gotten in!!! What luck!!! I drove up there early that Saturday morning, I thought to myself, "Cheryl has to be thinking I've sent them on a wild goose chase!" It's truly "out in the country." You're actually out in the country before you ever get to "out in the country."

Three gymnasiums. Hundreds of vendors. Huge spaces (12' x 12') Wide aisles. Perfect was actually COOL in there. (Most craft shows tend to hit about 90 degrees, I think!) Great crowd.

Vendors are sent a packet with maps showing them how to get there, where their parking area is located, and where their booth is located in which gym. But the really neat part is: the students carry your "stuff" in!!! I carried my McD's diet Coke and my purse...that's it!!! And the young men even set my tables up for me. Awesome!

9 am they open the doors to the public....and the public, they're THERE! Until 4pm (actually it was 4:10 before I could begin to break down) there are customers. Lots of customers. From Gypsum, from Salina, from Bennington, from Herrington, from Topeka, from McPherson, from Assaria...from everywhere!

This is truly the perfect craft show. The promoters are friendly and helpful. They want feedback. There's even security people on site. And honestly....and those of you who know me know kids aren't my favorite thing....but these kids are SUPER! Every single one of them was polite and helpful. Extending their offer to help without ever being asked. Somebody...parents and/or teachers... is doing a great job in that school district. BE PROUD!!!

All in all, a terrific day!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Great November Day

Yeah....we had a little snow night before last. The yard pretty much stayed lumpy white all day yesterday. But today was lovely. About 60 degrees, the snow's melted, and the wind was "kind."

Carol, Mary and I took off about one o'clock and managed to get in 31 miles. Great ride. Great friends!

The cottonwoods are a brilliant shade of yellow. Don't remember them being this pretty in past years (partially due to having a swimming pool and a neighbor with a cottonwood.) Maybe the lack of moisture and high heat this summer??? Don't know...but they sure are pretty.

Keep countin' those blessings. One of my riding partners and I had a discussion about karma and one of our new expressions is "Your karma jar is empty." Used so far primarily on rude drivers....they, of course, don't hear it, but it makes us feel better about their rudeness and stupidity.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh Deer Me!!!

Cold morning...well, too cold to ride early, so Carol, Mary, and I took off about 11:30. We headed south on Yoder Road. Temperature was about 42 degrees and the wind was "more than brisk." (Not the term I described it with earlier, but that's probably better left un-described.) It was WINDY!!! We were pedaling as hard as we could just trying to keep in forward motion. Quite a bit of traffic on Yoder Road. When all of a mind you it's probably the noon hour...all of a sudden a deer ran right across in front of everyone. It was close...too close. Car drivers were startled, we were startled...heck, even the deer was startled. Plus when he cleared the road and ditch, he tripped over an electric fence. I saw his hind foot bounce on the fence, and I swear I saw it spark. Don't know if that's even possible, but I think that's what I saw. He kept right on moving at a rapid pace for a long way across the field. 'Tis the season, and I guess he had something more important on his mind (maybe he's like most guys and was thinking with his "other" brain??)

Twenty-seven miles today...another great ride. Beautiful day except for the wind (reported at 15-20 mph with gusts.) It was cool but not totally uncomfortable.

Count your blessings! Truly, count your blessings! I do, and they're numerous.