Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Peeping Schiz

The dog next door plays frisbee with her owner. Schiz runs every step of the way! Throw the tennis ball or a frisbee for Schiz when we're outside, she'll look like, "What'd do that for?" But she loves to watch the other dog run get the frisbee...and on occasion when it happens over into our yard, Schiz will stand in the middle of it and chew on the edges. Who knows??? Probably a canine-thing!

For some reason she seems to think she sees better when standing on her hind legs. Usually if she want to bark about it, she gets on her hind legs too. I figure it probably makes her sound taller.....or something.....
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mixed Bag

Just a mixed bag of info for a quick blog.

First picture - what do YOU see? I've always seen two rocks with an old rusty wheel of some sort. A friend from Salina was over to swim and she said, "That looks like some sort of antique wheelchair!" So now, every time I look at it, that's what I see!

Second picture - the pool is BLUE and CLEAN and SPARKLING....and about 80-82 degrees WARM!!!! Ready to be swam in! I've been doing just that usually several times a day. Come on in..the water's fine!

Third picture - remember back in early April I started a blog with Kristofferson's words about "Watch closely now...".....well, I must have watched too closely. The cannas are struggling. In two weeks last year they were practically knee high and by this time they were almost as tall as the fence. This year only 8 (of 65-70 that I planted) have even come up and they are very small. Not sure what will transpire here!

That's all for now...actually I also downloaded - or uploaded - two more pix of some elephant ears...but they're evidently escaped the zoo so......never mind!

Warm days, lots of sunshine. Riding a little each morning, swimming several times a day, and I have super friends that tolerate my "venting when necessary" is good.

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