Saturday, August 27, 2011

Great Shoes!!!

I want some of these!! Seriously!!! The wearer even told me where she got them. These would be FUN shoes!!!!

Today was Yoder Heritage day and I spent the entire day over there with my craft booth. HOT!!! And the tractor pulls were just to the east-south-east of us...and guess which direction the wind was from!? Yeah....east-south-east! But all in all a great day!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Schiz & the Ceiling Fan Heist

Whatever the ceiling fan blows off the table should be hers, right? Nope. But she was so sure!!!!

FYI - I traded it for an itty-bitty piece of chicken. She's probably thinking, "Wow...groceries really have gone up!"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inman Cream Puffs & Bicycle Miles

WOW!!!! last post I told you that I thought Carol was secretly training me. Well, I'm pretty sure that's true. Mileage this week has been:

Tuesday, August 23 - 24.02 miles

Wednesday, August 24 - 26.08 miles

Thursday, August 25 - 38.02 miles

Today - Thursday - we rode to Inman, Kansas, a little town north of Hutchinson. Seemed like every road we took had been recently redone and was smooth as glass. Winds were almost non-existent and only one dog came out. He was a Border Collie that had either learned the hard way or was well-trained to stay off the asphalt. He ran the ditch and was waaaaay ahead of us. When he reached the end of his property line he just stopped and looked like, "Oh...I can't go there" and everything just shut down. He turned and walked back toward his home. No problem.

But here's why we rode to Inman. (Just click on that photo to make your mouth water!)

I'm ready to go again in two weeks when they make these again. DELICIOUS!!!!!!

Marilu, one of my Monday morning coffee buddies, and Carol's husband, Bill joined us at Inman. Bill on a motorcycle and Marilu in a van. I think a good time was had by all!!! :)

Wonderful ride...awesome morning!! 38 miles, home by 11:00 am, and still lickin' my chops over those cream puffs!!!

Count your blessings...they are SO plentiful!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wha's Happenin'

Someone told me they missed reading my blog...because I haven't posted anything for awhile. I responded that my life is truly that boring and with all the HOT Kansas temperatures I haven't been doing anything.

But...just so I don't lose my huge (ha ha ha ha) audience, I thought I should post something here today.

My friend Carol and I have been meeting at 7 a.m. (originally 6:45) to bicycle ride. That means waking up / getting up before daylight. I don't like that part, but I'm sure enjoying riding with Carol again. I'm beginning to wonder if she has a plan however...seems to me that I wind up riding a little more each day.

I usually ride only part of Carol's ride. She usually goes on to Inman or Buhler or Yoder or Burrton or somewhere. However, I've been going a little further with her each day. I said I was going to have to "just put on my big girl panties" and do a "real" ride with her someday soon.

So far here's what I've done:
August 9 - Tuesday: 13 miles (after nearly a full month with no riding)
August 11 - Thursday: 17.10 miles
August 12 - Friday: 7.27 miles...of which 4 were EXTREMELY wet
August 14 - Sunday: 17.04 miles
August 17 - Wednesday: 19.05 miles
August 18 - Thursday: 22.18 miles
August 19 - Friday (today): 23.48 miles

See...I think she's silently training me!!!! And I'm likin' it!!!!!!! In fact, when she told me of a restaurant in a nearby (20 miles) town that every other Thursday has cream puffs, I agreed to ride there with her. Coming next Thursday...and those cream puffs better be spectacular....that's a 40 mile or better round trip. And yes, I know....even 40 miles on a bicycle won't wear off those calories! ( about "big girl panties")

I said a long, long time ago that I don't diet well. "Diet" to me indicates that I'm to think about food I do, and in doing so, I eat more because absolutely everything looks and sounds better to me. The only way that actually works for me is to exercise. diet, more exercise!

Ok...that's about all I've been doing. Coffee one day a week with a few friends, bicycle ride several days a week, and this weekend (well, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun) I'm babysitting my neighbor's little dog. She's a Lhasa Apso/Maltese cross...looks like a panda bear. The cutest, sweetest, giggly-est little thing you've ever seen...about 8 months old. Oh sure...Schiz doesn't like her, of course. Maybe in a year or so...when she's older.

Count your's a great world!

P.S. Just thought I should add for any newcomers: I USED to be a distance rider...I've ridden a lot of days over 40 miles...but not this year. My longest day ever was 106 miles, but these days I'm usually around 20 to 25 miles, with an occasional 30 miler.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grumpy From Heat

Wish this was my original thought...but I heard it elsewhere:

It's not the heat, it's the stupidity!