Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mission Desk's my latest project:  sorry if the picture is's the best I can do!  Now...just so ya know...I ordered this and received it back in July.  Since then I've moved and am beginning to get settled so today I decided to open the box.  When one orders something like this and it arrives in a 90 lb. box that's not over 6 inches thick, one should probably have a clue.  Well...actually...I did...even before I ordered it!  There are 162 pieces of hardware and 37 pieces of wood...all "to be assembled."  Nothing is together.  Currently it resides in/on the dining room table...and all around the dining room walls.  Tomorrow's another day!

I'm beginning to get fairly well settled in my new home.  And...I love it!  For the past three days I've been cleaning windows (inside and out) and wooden venetian blinds.  Lots of them!  8 windows in living room, 7 in master bedroom, 1 big wide double window in dining room and 1 in kitchen.  All that's left is the guest room...and it'll just have to wait.'s now 24 hours (or more) since those first two paragraphs were written...and my how stuff changes!
My camera decided not to work...wasn't batteries...finally got it to turn on...took pix...thought I was downloading them...but now can't find them. Got message "no new photos"...and my sweet disposition thought:  Oh my...maybe I need a new camera.  SO.....I went to Wally world and bought a new camera.  Not a real high dollar fancy job...that would be a waste for me...but a nice little Nikon.  SKINNY!!!!!  I'm still learning but I think I like it. I'll try to add some photos to this post:

Photos1 - 2 - 3 above..add about 4 hours time...and you get photo 4!!  Wasn't too tough at all...once I figured out that #6 screws are not #9 screws.  Kept thinking "well...these aren't gonna be big enough to support this...", then figured out I was using the wrong hardware!  DUH!
 These are living room clean inside and out and wooden blinds wiped down individually with a damp rag...sorry, but Swiffer just doesn't do it for me.

And hidden behind these drapes are three more just like the living room windows...these are in the master bedroom however.

And this one is in the dining room...and there's another one in the kitchen (and two more in the guest bedroom..but they aren't done yet!)  Remember "back in the old days"...ever go to the library and look something up on a fish (fiche???)...and after awhile you feel like you're going to tip over and fall off the chair? blinds does that too!!!

And the latest news of the day:  someone (much nicer term than I've been using) hit my mailbox and polycarts in town at "my other house"...the one that is sold and we close on Monday.  WHY couldn't they have waited one more week? great damage other than I need to get a new mailbox post and mailbox put up for the new owner.  Tomorrow.... already got the handyman lined up.

If I'm not drunk Monday evening I'll not know why!  This has been the most frustrating house sale I've ever been involved with...and I've been in a few.  More on that MAYBE after I have her money in my hands! short story....long small window beside front door...frosted design but one can still see through it...I'd had plain white contact paper on it, but had removed it when I put the house up for sale.  I mentioned that to the buyer at the time of inspection (as she'd commented that she'd need some covering on that window)... So....she called me...asked if I still had that contact paper!  HUH?  Yeah...sure...No, I threw it away.  Then she wanted to know if I had anymore and I told her no....and the beat goes on!  See, I told ya so!  Come on, Monday!!!!!

Count your blessings.... I do.  Oh yeah...been a little rainy or rainy-ish here...haven't ridden much in the past few days...but I have about 3600 miles for the year so far!  And I've lost a few pounds too..and with my diet that IS amazing!!!  Micky D's   3/$1 chocolate chip cookies...VERY familiar with those!

Friday, September 14, 2012

An Update of Sorts...Kinda ...

Much, much, much has happened in my life in the past six weeks or so...but honestly, not much I care to post here.

Mainly I've bought a different house.  I've moved.  I've sold the other house.  I'm still riding quite a few miles every day...usually between 32 and 42 per day.  I've been so busy I can't even tell you what my total for the year is right now.  I've kept's on another computer...and it's just not currently handy.  But we ride nearly daily and usually about the same number of miles.

On one of our rides we discovered (well...I'm sure it wasn't undiscovered or was simply the first we all knew about it) an incredible, beautiful garden.  HUGE!!!  I assume that's somewhat what a commercial garden looks like.  The Amish lady that was out in the garden told us they have seven children and they all help.  We were on bicycles that particular day so we didn't buy anything, but a few days later the three of us took a car and bought some fresh veggies.  Yummy!!!!   They have simply everything and it's an extraordinarily well groomed garden.

Yesterday we had rain.  You know, that stuff that falls from the sky and it's wet.  Well, we actually had a great rain all day long.  Evidently it seemed a lot nicer that what it actually was, as the weatherman said we had some small amount (like .34 inch)...and it seemed like we surely had at least an inch!  We need rain so badly that we're excited to get ANY!  At my new place I'm told I should expect to see deer and turkeys on a regular basis.  Yesterday turkeys were in the neighbor's yard and they were soaked....still struttin' their stuff, but black and slick with rain.  I have a wooded area behind my house that I lovingly refer to as "my woods."   I keep peeking out the windows at dawn and dusk hoping to see a deer, but not yet.

Some of you will remember that I had a bit of a conflict over a different place that I'd tried to buy and the dingbat that was selling it changed her mind.  Long story...not here.  I can only say that someone was watching over me...I love this new place.  It's unique and I think just gorgeous.  A good friend of mine came out and kept saying over and over again, "Wow."....."Wow."   Later she called and said she had come up with the perfect expression to describe my place:  "Wow."     I feel the same way.  Neatest place I've had yet!

Life is good and I'm always happy to count my blessings...they're many!!!  Count yours too.