Thursday, November 18, 2010

Perfect Hit!

Patsy's blog this morning makes a LOT of sense to me . See what you think:

Does that sound like anyone YOU know?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FIRST SNOW!!!!! November 17, 2010

I'm kind of hoping this is just going to pass us by....but right now it's looking pretty serious! We need the moisture. We had 2-3 inches of rain last Friday, but we can still use more! So, Kansas Farmers, be happy!!!!!

Prairie Patchwork - Gypsum, Kansas - Southeast Saline Craft Show

Another day, another craft show! And I'm still lovin' it! It's really a lot of fun...not only making a little money, but even more, getting to talk to people and enjoy the camaraderie of the crowd.

Last Saturday was the HUGE annual craft show at Gypsum, Kansas...actually I think it's just west of the actual town of Gypsum. Southeast Saline School - Prairie Patchwork Craft Show! WOW! I went a year ago as a "shopper"...and immediately emailed Cindy and asked her to put me on their mailing list. I knew it was someplace I needed to be.

To begin with....I was assigned to a parking lot. A nice man directed me to back in...right into the unloading area. Before I could get out of the car, young men were opening the back hatch of my car and getting ready to carry stuff in for me! Honor students, football players, debate team, FFA, FHA, cheerleaders....I don't know all the groups that were involved, but they were wonderful. I think I carried my vendor's kit envelope and my diet Coke. They even set up the tables for me! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

The booths are a large 12 x 12 feet...and feel even larger. Their aisles are wide and easy to navigate. They boast they are accessible by wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, etc. There are three large gymnasiums, plus a lot of the hallways have booths sponsored/manned by the school teams mentioned above. The cafeteria is set up with food; vegetable soups, chili, pies, cookies, etc.

Prices are wonderful. The people are awesome! The crowd is exceptionally large and friendly. This is the "dream craft show" we are all looking for!!

The show opens at 10 am and closes at 4 pm. There didn't ever seem to be a lull in activity/crowd. I had planned to share the booth but that didn't work out, so I offered to take inventory for two other crafters. Probably a little busier than I wanted to be at times, and probably could have sold more if I could have been two places at once. But, NO complaints!!! I had a terrific day!!!! And my friend's goats' milk soaps went over very well too! He had been at a show in Wichita and on my drive home I spoke with him on the phone. He said he'd had "a pretty good day." So I questioned, "What do you call 'pretty good'?" He thought $70 was "pretty good." When I told him I'd had a VERY good day with his soaps (over 4 times better than his pretty good day), he was one happy camper!!!! As was I!!!! Jewelry sales were up too!

I just have to tell year go to the Prairie Patchwork Craft Show at Gypsum. If you can't find it there, you just don't need it. I saw some really neat Christmas "stuff" that others had purchased and were carrying around with them. I didn't get out of my booth during shopping hours to really look around, but I could see a lot a great stuff even from where I was at.

I think the people who organize and work this craft show deserve a huge round of applause for all of their hard work. Great show!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mixed Bag

It's been awhile since I've posted anything here so decided today should be the day. It's been an extremely good day for me.

A couple of weeks ago (after my dermotologist appointment) I had an appointment to see my "regular" doctor (actually I don't know if she's regular or not :) ) At that time she had me do a fasting lab blood test. I hadn't received the results of it yet.

Also at that time, because I had become ULTRA-aware of every little bump on my body, I had found a small skin tag on my hip, just below my pantie line. I showed it to her and she assured me it was merely a seborrheic keratosis and we'd freeze it off. We scheduled another appointment and that was for today.

I considered cancelling the appointment as the little skin tag had nearly disappeared, however, I'd found a rough spot in the middle of my back at my waistline and decided to have her look at that too. All of a sudden, I'm very aware of these! I also wanted to check on the results of my blood work.

Bottom line: both places are seborrheic keratosis. Neither anything to be concerned about, and I chose not to have either removed/frozen off. Both are in areas that never see the light of day...and anyone who did have the "opportunity" (ha ha ha) would be so appalled at all the blood veins popping out all over my legs they'd never notice a little skin bump!

But the good news: My lab tests!!! My "everything" is great! My cholesterol is fantastic! My bad cholesterol is low, my good cholesterol is high. I've lost about 20 pounds for no apparent reason other that I've been biking a lot more. When I commented that I was happy about my cholesterol but couldn't understand it, as my diet is horrible, she responded, "But you exercise!" She assures me that's what keeping it so good. Ok...a 20 pound weight loss, my lab tests are all good news...I'm one happy camper!!!

So after I got home I called Carol and she was already out on the road. I met her up on 82nd between Monroe and Hendricks and we rode a while longer. Great ride! Great company! We plan to ride again tomorrow if the weather holds.'s a picture of the tree in my front yard. I believe it to be a Cypress. It's just beginning to drop it's "leaves"....and Schiz seems to be a magnet for them. Long haired dog and Cypress leaves are NOT a good match. Luckily she loves to be brushed!
Enough for today! Hope your day's been as good as mine. Count your blessings!!!!