Thursday, September 30, 2010


Just a brief thing: the "Pat" that passed away was NOT the same "Pat" who I share craft show booths with. Pat that makes iris-folded cards is still alive and well...and ornerier than ever. She wasn't at the Lyons Fair on the Square because she woke up that morning with a sty on her eye.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well, the weekend has passed and everything is moving on.

Saturday was Pat's was a difficult time. It was a huge funeral and the procession line must have been 3 to 4 miles long. After the cemetary services, I spoke with her husband for a few minutes, then I headed on up to Lyons.

I didn't get to Lyons until nearly 1pm and thought I wouldn't set up, but while walking partway around the square I ran into some friends who questioned, "where are you?" I told them I have a booth but didn't think I'd even set up. Well, they convinced me to give it a shot. So I did. I was there about an hour and 10 minutes when it began to rain. Completely unexpected ... and totally needed! I tossed everything in cases and "hit the road." I'd had a fairly successful show and didn't want to get everything wet!

After a quick stop at the convenience store (for necessities: bathroom, cheese curls, and a candy bar) I headed back to Hutch. And it POURED on me!!! About Nickerson it kind of let up and I thought I'd be fine...just a normal light to medium rain. About 43rd and Plum it opened up again and by 30th and Plum I was doing 20mph and just guessing where the street might be. It was a toad-strangler! Someone said we had about an inch of about 15 minutes! I pulled in my driveway, sat there a minute, then pulled on into the garage. My car was I got out my chamois and started wipin' her down! Looked great! God's car wash!

Yesterday I went for a little bicycle ride (15.55 miles) and stopped by my friend's house to see how he's doing. He's just kind of in a fog - not sure what to do next - or why. Wish there was a miracle, fast cure for this.

Last night the townhouse group went out for dinner again. Dutch Kitchen. I promised myself I wasn't going to have a whole big meal because then I'm just miserable afterwards. So I had sweet potato fries. It was absolutely embarrassing!!! There was a HUGE tray of fries brought to me. I passed them around and still had way too many to finish. And they were delicious. They were served with ranch dressing...and I tried them both plain and with dressing. Much better just plain: I LIKE sweet potatoes and I could really taste them!

Well, that's all for now. Hope your week is going well. Don't forget to count your blessings! Even when you feel down and out, there's always something good. Walk in someone else's shoes for a few hours and you'll appreciate your own!

Friday, September 24, 2010

What a Week!

Don't even know quite where to start. Guess I'll go with chronological.

A week ago last night (Thursday) Mary Lou and I went to the Taste It Hutchinson event. It was a lot of fun, and quite a lot a pretty good eats.

The next morning (Friday) a friend called and told me a mutual friend of ours had had a stroke at work Thursday morning. This - throughout the week - only got worse. She passed away this past Tuesday morning. Tonight was the family gathering at the funeral home and tomorrow is her funeral. It was all extremely fast and unexpected.

The week has been full of thoughts and memories and concern for her family. Her husband and I are good friends from my old Home Depot days. He's about 12-13 years older than she was and has said several times that he always thought he'd go first. It's going to be tough for him, I'm afraid. Just last month they'd celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Hopefully, his faith and time will help him heal. He's a very popular, personable guy so he'll have a great support system there for him too.

On to other topics: The house is beginning to come together a little bit. I've hung pictures and an ox yoke in my living room...although I may change where they're all at yet. Today I deep-cleaned a bathroom, changing out the "picture frame" on the toilet, and using "Goof Off" on some uk-em-puck that was marring the side of the tub and the base of the toilet. It sure looks better! And I hung a shower curtain (we've had liners, but no curtains.) Also removed and washed the venetian blind in the downstairs bedroom. Man, it was filthy!!!!!

Slowly but surely I'm hoping it'll all come together and be home. I just keep telling myself that it'll be here when I get around to it! And sure 'nuff, it is!!! Darnit!

Monday night we had a townhouse association meeting. That was nice. Got to meet most of my new neighbors.

Then Tuesday night we all went out to eat together. We went to Carlos O'Kelly's and I wound up sitting across the table from Lou and Ed. Now Ed is an absolute riot!!! Very sharp, very quick...we were all laughing all the time at his comments! Someone mentioned that Lou does line dancing and she admitted that she'd danced at the State Fair last week. Really a neat couple. My guesstimate was they were probably about 80. She's 10 days older than him (he likes older women!) Well, before the evening was over, it was told they will be 93 in January!!! I would NEVER have guessed that!! THAT'S what I wanna be like!

I really like all my neighbors...I think I'll like it here very much, once I get my house in order.

Tomorrow is the Fair on the Square in Lyons, and Pat and I were to share a booth. Not sure whether I'll get there or not. I've loaded a couple of cases in my car, but I'll have to wait and see. The funeral is at 10:30...the cemetary is north of I may go on to Lyons from there. (From Hutch, it's kind of Hutch-Nickerson-Sterling-Lyons...each about 10 miles further than the last.) Wait and see what time it is and how I'm feeling about it.

Well, enough for tonight. Count your blessings and remember that life is short and should never be taken for granted.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting settled....NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Several of you have asked if I'm all moved and settled. Ha Ha Ha!!!! Not even close!

I closed on Friday, Sept 3 and moved that same day. All my stuff is located at the same address. That's about as close as it gets.

On Saturday, Sept 4 I was in the garage, picked up a dining room chair (light-weight) from my left side, lifted it over a tote, and sat it down on my right side, with a GASP! I truly looked upward and said aloud, "OK, OK...I got the message!" But then I brought all 4 chairs into the house. Then the coffee which point I received a second message! Since then I've been to the chiropractor three times! Still hurting, but I truly believe I'm getting better. But no painting, no ladder climbing, not much bending over to pull weeds from the flower beds, etc. I can still iron a little at a time and can still do a few things, but not my "normal". I hate this. Getting old IS hell!!!

I told my doctor yesterday that I was going to try for a bicycle ride this a.m. and he was in complete agreement...but this a.m. it's drizzly here. Maybe later. Plus this is state fair week so the traffic is moronic! (Well...only TO the bike path...the cars don't drive on the bike path...well...they aren't SUPPOSED to anyway!)

Speaking of goal for August was 400 miles. On August 31 I had several early-mid-morning appointments and went out early to get my miles. Rode through an area that I KNEW they had mowed the day before and sure enough, I had a flat. I can change a flat in about 5 minutes (literally) at home, and usually about 15 on the road...but I simply didn't have time nor inclination, so I called my son and he came and picked me up. I wound up with 390 miles for August...short of my goal by 10 miles...but I was still happy about it. However, since then, I haven't ridden..not once...too busy...gotta get back to it! I had lost about 14 pounds and was pretty happy about that. i got weighed this a.m. and the 14 pounds are still gone but they won't stay gone if I don't get busy soon.

Ok...back to the move....the woman (aka "pig" & "skank") that lived here wasn't much of a housekeeper...fresh paint and new carpet show well. But move in to filthy ceiling fans, EVERY ceiling light with 4 bulbs has at least 2, usually 3 different kinds of bulbs. The two spotlights over the fireplace: one orange, one blue. Lots of weeds in the uncared for flower beds. I think (and my son agrees) the new carpet had probably NEVER had a sweeper ran over it...canister filled up rapidly!

So, today I'm going to try to rearrange the living room a little. I may have to wait for J to help with the sofa, but I need to get a chair by a window. Schiz has no window view from which she can see the street...and she's needing a chair to sleep on/watch for company from/etc. Heck of a reason to arrange a room a certain way, huh?

I want to do some faux treatments here and there...not sure where/what yet, but somewhere down the road it'll happen. Not this week, I'm sure. Also my bedroom desparately needs painting. Everything was fresh paint...but my bedroom is a color I don't like AT ALL!!! Fresh paint, yes; color, NO!

I've met several of my neighbors and really think I'm going to like the area. Every Tuesday evening they all go out to eat together. I haven't gone yet. Considered it yesterday, but went to chiropractor yesterday and only craved ice and loafing last night. Maybe next week. Most of them are about in my age range, i think. Neat little group. There's one triplex and 6 duplexes in this townhouse association.

I don't know how many couples/singles yet. I do know the man right next door to me is single. He just celebrated his 96th birthday!!! He walks every day - at a pretty good pace! He's a pretty small man and wears hiking boots. Makes me think of those dolls with the really big feet. He's a cutie! He has a couple of terriers...may be Jack Russells...but I've never ever heard them even once...and that's GOOD!

The couple in Unit C (I'm in Unit A) have a Shih tzu, male, about a year old. First time Schiz saw him she was all set to play. About a minute, she quit. Don't know why. She looks at him and he'll sniff her and get in her face. She just stands friendliness, no agressiveness, no growl, no NOTHING!!!! Just...hmmmmmmm. Maybe they'll become friends later.

Well..if I'm going to get stuff done I need to get I better get after it. Remember to count your blessings. I do count mine...even if I'm griping about a bunch of other stuff. Yeah, my back makes me tired...but hey, I GOT a back and it'll be ok soon. Have a great day!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Big Move

Tomorrow's the day!!!! This place is beginning to look pretty bare. 8 a.m. tomorrow morning I go for a "walk-thru" at the new place; 9 a.m. we close on the sale of this place; 10 a.m. we close on the sale of the one I'm buying.

The woman I'm buying from has movers from 8 am til noon, but supposedly she'll be all done by which time my trailer will get pulled to the new house...and over the next three days unloaded. At 2 p.m. I have movers coming to move the couch and chair, the armoire, and the washer and the dryer.

Currently the buyer is here cleaning out the shed and putting some of his things in it. They're really nice people and have been a delight to work with.

As my dad used to say, "I'm making three tracks!" I slept on the couch...too short...last night and my son slept on the floor in the basement. Beds with mattresses will surely seem wonderful!!!

And on a different note....I saw Carol go by on her bicycle earlier today and so I called and she's back from New York. Will have to have a complete update on that a little later but sounds like they had a really wonderful time.

Well...gotta go....still have a few things to pack and a lot of odds and ends to tie up. See you at the new spot!!!

Count your blessings......this could be you moving!!!!!!

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