Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 4 - Black Eye

Purdy, ain't it? (Act stoopid, write stoopid.) Wish I had someone else to blame this on...duh! No, I don' careful what you wish for!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 2 - Black Eye!

Wasn't below my eyebrow yesterday..only on my forehead. This a.m. it wasn't below my eyebrow ... and then I went for a bicycle ride. 27.55 miles later I'd evidently stirred my blood enough to cause the purple-ness below my eyebrow. We've got another ride planned for tomorrow...may have a real shiner before it's done!

Carol, my riding companion, said I look like a battered woman. My helmet didn't hurt it at all and it really doesn't hurt unless I touch my forehead.

Klutz report finished. Count your blessings...and get out and enjoy this incredible weather we're having. It's beautiful!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Happenings...and Monday Moron-ness

AWESOME weekend!!!!

Lyons Fair on the Square was tremendous! My friend Pat was with me and she called me after we got home to thank me for taking her along. I told her I was glad that she'd gone, because if I'd have called her and told her how good it was she would never have believed me.

She described it as seeing a group of people standing looking at something...who knows what...and so everyone goes to that group to see what they're looking at!!! That was my booth for about an hour and a half....and then it never got un-busy clear up until 4pm! I had a VERY good day!

And so did Pat with her Iris-folded greeting cards! She has a bunch of new ones...All cute, but one of an ostrich that is really wonderful!

Then this a.m., after coffee, I came home and decided to remove the grass that was coming up between the end of my driveway and the street. No biggie...easy stuff. Got it done, was hanging the shovel back up, hit the end of the shop broom and it came down. But it didn't hit the floor or my car or Schiz ... my forehead stopped it! DUH!!!!

Turns out I have a very dirty mouth!

I'm permanent damage that I know of...just kicking myself for being so dumb. Wondering just how my bike helmet will fit tomorrow...hmmmmmmm.

Count your blessings...and enjoy the awesomely gorgeous weather we're having! WOW!

Friday, September 23, 2011

So What Do YOU See?

Bicycle riding is alive and well around Hutchinson! Since September 5 I've ridden 383.6 miles...that includes one full week with no rides at all! We're riding between 25 and 30 miles almost every day...and OF COURSE, every other Thursday it's a 38 miler for cream puffs! So far my September total miles are 441.36. I'm pretty proud of that! It's been several years since I've ridden those kind of miles regularly.

I feel like I'm getting stronger and better each day (not that I've been sick or anything...just better as in "fitter".)

There have been some questions about my eye sight however. So...what do YOU see?

Double click for a bigger, closer view.

We were riding along and I looked to the south and saw this. We've ridden this road a lot of times over the years, and because I didn't remember there being railroad tracks crossing this particular road, I said, "Well...where's that train from?"

Carol looked, then looked at me, like "Are you all right?" Finally she said, "I think that's hay bales." sure LOOKED like a train!!!!

Wouldn't have been so bad except that a couple of days later I was driving south in downtown Hutch and saw a man walking south down the east side of Main Street with a rifle over his shoulder. I was startled! I was talking to Mary on the phone and telling her all about unusual this is....luckily I didn't call 911 or anything. After the light changed and I continued on past him, I could see it wasn't a was a closed umbrella. my defense, he was carrying it like a hunter or soldier would carry a rifle!!!

'Course, that doesn't explain the stiff-legged, bloated deer at the side of the road on another bike ride...yeah....sticks and brush. BUT riding companions could see it too!

In answer to your unasked question...October 24th I think..1 p.m. Dr. B--- Thinking about getting the Transitions kind. Had those many years ago and didn't like them at all...but I hear they've greatly improved.

Tomorrow's a big day....Lyons Fair on the Square...craft show. Looking forward to it. My friend Pat will be going with me and we'll share a booth. Hopefully we'll both come home RICH!!! With money. We're both already very rich with friends and good fortune. Be sure to count your blessings!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cooler Weather and Great Rides

It's been a great week...especially the past couple of days...for bicycling. This morning I even wore a lightweight jacket for the first 14 miles!

Last I posted mileage was August 25..the day we rode to Inman for cream puffs...38.02 miles.

The next day was Friday and we were going to ride a shorter ride...yeah....felt great and wound up with 34.53 miles.

Saturday I was at Yoder Heritage Craft Show so didn't ride and begged off for Sunday as well. Monday is our "coffee morning" so we don't usually ride. Tuesday 26.34 miles, Wednesday 12.54 miles and a visit to the chiropractor (old knee problem that actually is relieved by riding)...but that was followed with instructions from Dr. to NOT ride on Thursday. Friday knee felt great and we did 29.10. Saturday was 26.66 miles and Sunday was WINDY so we didn't go. Today was GORGEOUS and we rode to Nickerson for coffee...27.25 miles.

On the way back Carol mentioned that she's been thinking about a mileage goal. My instant response was something like "" I knew where it was going. 30 days in September...gotta be 1,000 miles! Sure enough...1,000 miles!!!! I'm going to try and do it...however, even if I ride her miles I think I'll be short as I've had a couple of days off and need at least one more for a Sept 24 craft show... And, every day is hard to do! Not that we EVER get rain, but it could happen! The Kansas State Fair starts next Friday and I don't think we've ever got through those 10 days without a good downpour, blowing storm! So...I'm thinking more in the 800 miles range for my goal....and that's still pretty ambitious for a fat girl...ok, fat old woman.

I've been trying to lose weight. If you can believe the scales (and I don't) I've lost 10 pounds. Carol said today, "Well, if you ride those thousand miles with me, you'll lose it!!!"

She's fun to ride with and an exceptionally "safe & sane" rider. She gets it! (I bring this up because someone I know rode with us for a mile or so the other day and was left of center most of the time, weaving and bobbing, uphill and down. Loose cannon! No thanks!)

Other than riding, not much news here. I've been helping another friend some as she's in the middle of moving to a new place. This is the gal with over 3,500 KU items! Yeah...over 3,500!!! That's a lot, believe me. She's going to try to sell a bunch before she moves and says she's downsizing. I brought home nine items to list on either Ebay or Craig's List, but haven't done it yet. (Have to get boxes so I'll know what my postage will be.)

Time to go get busy on something else. Stay busy, stay healthy, stay happy...and don't forget to count your blessings.