Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year !!!

And I'm ending 2011 smilin' !!! For the past several months I've been trying to buy an old bicycle from a fellow and we just couldn't get together on price. Today I called him and tried one more time. WE DID IT! I had a friend go with me and we went over to a small town about 10 miles from Hutch and picked it up. Here it is.

It looks small's actually 36" at the top of the handlebars. I THINK it's considered a child-size "boneshaker"...or high-wheeler. It is functional. The tires are wooden with metal rims. The seat is extremely hard, but consensus is that it's leather.

I don't know whether it's truly old or not...and bluntly at this point I don't care. I wanted it!!! I've wanted it from the first time I ever laid eyes on it. I may have overpaid for it...again, I don't know and don't care. Repeat: I wanted it!!! If it truly is original and "real", then I think I may have paid a fraction of what it's actually worth. I have a friend that will take a look at it and he'll know....if anyone in Kansas knows, he'll know. For now it's merely a decorative piece for my house!

Count your blessings...I do! And it seems to me I have a LOT!!!

P.S. BTW...I finished the year with 1840 miles...not bad considering I didn't really ride regularly until September. My friend that I ride with nearly every day finished with 5800 miles!!! That's spelled S-E-R-I-O-U-S !!

And have a Happy New Year...hopefully 2012 will bring PEACE to the world.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Famous....OR NOT!!!!

It's been really beautiful weather here. Not always Ultra-Warm...but dry and kind of warm-ish maybe? Temps usually in the mid-40's and 50's...that's considered "ridin' weather!"

Tuesday, Carol, Mary, and I got out and did a few miles up and down the bike path (18.04 miles for me), and yesterday the three of us rode down to Crupper's Corner and a couple of miles west before we headed back. (I wound up with 27.05 miles.) Nice ride.

Mary can't go today (she bowls in Wichita now - since Hutchinson doesn't seem to be able to support a bowling alley!)... So Carol, her husband Bill, and I drove up to Inman this a.m. for our "every-other-week cream puff." YUM!!! Delish! But in just a few minutes I'm going to go meet Carol and we'll get in a little ride today. Not sure yet where or how far..let you know later. (It's later....we did 27.05 again!)'s Hutchinson News has a picture (albeit extremely small) of Carol and I riding through Carey Park yesterday. One really can't tell who it is, but we know it's us. Same old riding gear we always wear!

We had a lot of fun with this today. At a stoplight at 11th & Baker we were granted a green light and several cars had to wait for us to cross. After we were barely across I acted like I was talking to the drivers and said, "'s us...we were in the newspaper this morning!" We joked off and on all day about people wanting our autographs.

After we got a couple of miles west of Crupper's Corner we both took our jackets off (still had a turtleneck sweater and a sweatsuit-type jacket on), and headed back "with the wind" (makes it a little warmer.) As we entered Carey Park on the way home, Carol said, "Well...people won't know who we are..we don't have our jackets on!" We decided everyone would just think we were wannabes. (I'm not positive, but I think maybe endorphins or something affect our thinking sometimes.)

Anyway, it was another great day and a great ride. Still counting my too, I hope!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Waiting on Santa

It's 11:20pm. Spent the entire day (and a couple of hours last night) reading "The Help" I've already seen the movie...wish I would have read the book first. Excellent read!!!

Gotta get to bed soon...expecting some fat dude on my rooftop soon. Just wanted to say :

Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Back to Bikin'

Well, craft show season is mostly behind me....and I'm ready. It's been fun, it's been great, it's been profitable....but I'm tired and ready to kick back a little.

It's been too something: too windy, too cold, too wet, maybe even just too lazy...but I hadn't ridden my bicycle for nearly 5 weeks. November yesterday, December 16, Carol, Mary, and I took off and rode out to Crupper's corner. It's a little over 23 miles round trip for me. The temperature was 37 degrees, and even though we were all dressed warm it was still a pretty chilly ride.

When we ride we talk about all kinds of stuff. Some I won't/can't go into here (like how much Mary is going to change the height of her seat. Tee-hee!)...but the conversation will start one place and end up entirely changed within the mile. I don't remember exactly where this one started but it came around to putting Kahlua in hot cocoa. Let me was 37 degrees. We hadn't ridden in nearly 5 weeks. Well, needless to say, I came home, got some warm comfy clothes on, had a bowl of stew, and decided to have a cup of cocoa. I've always been "the master of the 5-7 minute power nap." Well.....I had the best hour and a half nap I think I've ever had. I don't know whether it was the fresh air, the exercise, the warm soup, or what...but I'm highly suspicious of the Kahlua. Yummmmy!

Today we decided that yesterday was so good that we should do it again. So the three of us rode to Nickerson. 27.29 miles round trip. About 4 miles short of Nickerson I asked, "Have they MOVED Nickerson?" It was a hard ride. We all struggled a little I think. Wind was brisk and out of the west so we had several miles of headwind, but it was 57 degrees. It shouldn't have been that tough...but it was. Great ride back: tail wind.

I think Carol and another friend are maybe planning to ride tomorrow but I said I thought I'd bow out for the day. Probably a mistake as they're forecasting snow for Monday and Tuesday here. Yuck! I'm already ready for spring!

But all in all, I'm lucky to be able to do all the things I love to do...and have the great friends to do them with! Countin' my blessings...just countin' my blessings!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photos to go w/earlier post here's a few photos from Saturday. I'm too tired to go figure out how to get them on the other post.

I didn't have time to take photos when we were really busy...but this was sure a nice start!

Some of these were taken before the sale ever began and some of the tables aren't even completely set up.

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It Pays To Advertise ! ! ! !

Barbara's 3rd Annual Christmas Craft Show was a HUGE success! Many, many very good comments.

I advertised a LOT....several newspapers, 4 digital displays, lots of hand-outs and posters, 15 stick-in-the-ground realtor-type signs all over town, Channel 7 at 10 after and 20 til the hour all week, The Chamber - Hutchinson and Reno County website, the Kansas State Fair website, the website, Facebook by a half-dozen people, mentioned two days on two different radio stations, a blog or two or three....and probably more that I'm not remembering at this moment.

We had a fantastic crowd! One of my friends who works at a church and is very nice gal emailed me and said, "To begin with: Holy Shit! I didn't think it was going to be that busy!!!" It was BUSY!!! I honestly think we had more people than I've seen at any other local craft show.

The main problem/complaint was "lack of space." We simply didn't have enough room. Next year I'll be looking for a bigger building for sure. Most of the vendors were absolutely wonderful to work with each other and try to make everything work out ok. I had only one that humped his back up and threw a fit. Even the nice people said he was a bully and rude. I tried to move him around and make him happy....and he said that it was a lot better...but the next morning he was over in the building that I was in complaining loudly to someone about "what a helluva mess it was over there last night." (The vendors set up on Friday night.) I suppose everyone has to have "one"....think about it, you'll figure it out.

Just a few of the highlights: I'd asked a couple of friends to serve as greeters and direct people to sign up for our door prizes and be sure to visit both buildings, etc. Betty had never "done" a craft show before. Even before 9am she had made several trips to store stuff under my table. I accused her of buying at least one item from each booth. She said, "DON'T YOU EVER ASK ME TO DO THIS AGAIN!!!!" Then a few hours later, she came over and added, "And if I do it again, don't sit me next to the food vendor either!!"

Our food vendor did a fantastic job. They served chili, and chili dogs, hot dogs, and homemade chicken and noodles. EXCELLENT!!!! Everyone was commenting on it...and you got a really large serving for not much money! She also had individually wrapped cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, coffee, 6-packs of cinnamon rolls, pies (either by the piece or whole), cream cheese bread, jalepena cheese bread....and even canned a bunch more stuff. They are an Amish family and they arrived in a tractor pulling a trailer. Everyone helped carry stuff in....and the youngest was a little boy. I didn't want to break any rules so I didn't take any photos, but you've never seen anyone cuter! He was a doll...and he was a worker! He carried things in that were nearly as big as he was. I would guess he was maybe 3 or 4...absolutely adorable! All their kids were cuties and really hard working and respectful. And when closing time came around, they all did their share as well. Great family!

I had super vendors (mostly) and plan to do it again next year. I am/will be looking for a larger building however. I've got one in mind, but the $$$$$$ is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!

As my cuz keeps telling me: it's good to be me!!!! I'm counting my blessings and offering thanks for making it all possible.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Barbara's 3rd Annual Christmas Craft Show

Added a day or two later: Channel 7 is advertising my show!!! At 10 and 40 minutes past the hour there's a few seconds of talk about it!!! Also, check out what the Chamber - Hutchinson and Reno County has to say about it!!!

Also I've noticed it's already up on the digital sign on the front of the fairgrounds. May need to call and check on that tomorrow. It was supposed to be for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday...not the entire week. I'd LIKE the entire week....but I can only AFFORD three days!

It's almost here!!!! My third annual Christmas craft show! This started out in the spring of 2009 with a three-vendor gathering in my living room. Several people suggested we should do it at Christmastime, so in December 2009 I had the first Christmas show. I had a fairly large house at that time and had eleven vendors there. We had a good crowd and a lot of fun.

In September 2010 I moved to a triplex. I announced that I wouldn't be able to do it because I wouldn't have the room. My vendors convinced me otherwise, and I wound up with 14 vendors. We were practically standing on each other but we had a fun time.

This year I said, "We gotta go to a public building!" So I rented the Boy Scout building on the Kansas State Fairgrounds. I sent out booth applications and immediately was "full." So I rented the Girl Scout building as well. The buildings are practically identical and sit side-by-side.

Now both buildings are full, plus there'll be a trailer out front selling kettle corn. It's people selling antiques, aprons, bakery items, beaded jewelry, baby items, candles, cookbooks, cookies, cosmetics, dolls, drink mixes, duct tape purses, embellished clothing, embroidered items, florals, gift items, goat's milk soap, greeting cards, hot lunches, jams, jellies, jewelry, kettle corn, kitchen items, iris-folded cards, oddities, packaged food items, pillow cases, plasma-cut metal, purses, quilted items, sack cards, salsa, Santas, scroll-cut wood items, snowmen, soy candles, sterling silver jewelry, tea towels, tole painted items, tote bags, wave art, wheel-thrown pottery items, wine jelly...and surely someone will have a zebra. That's A - Z!!!! (with a few exceptions.) There'll be a lot more there too, because almost every vendor has said, "And other stuff....."

I've been trying to get the word out with hand-out postcards at every craft show around. Several of my vendors have cards to pass around too. By the end of this week hopefully people will be saying, "Who the heck is Barbara???" It's to be in the Hutch News in at least 4 places, the Bee, the Rural Messenger, the Lyons News, and already on-line at I'm working to get mentioned on a local radio station. It'll be on digital billboards at Bank of Kansas on east 30th and also in South Hutch. And on the digital billboard at Hutch Credit Union at A and Adams. Also on the big digital billboard on the front of the fairgrounds along Main Street. AND I have about 22 stick-in-the-ground realtor-type signs to put around town. I'm everywhere, I'm everywhere!!! So...."who's Barbara???" should be on everyone's lips!

So...Saturday, December 10, from 9am to 4pm YOU should try to attend Barbara's 3rd Annual Christmas Craft Show! Yoder Pastries will have hot lunches...I'm hearing chili, hot dogs, chili dogs, and tentatively homemade chicken and noodles. And they make the BEST jalapeno bread!! YUM!!!

I personally am having INCREDIBLE prices for this show. It's my last show of the year (as it is for many of my vendors) and I don't have another one until March (so plenty of time to re-order!) this one's going to be good!! I did the Hutch Rec show yesterday and probably shot myself in the foot several times by telling people that. I always added, "But my inventory will probably be pretty if you want it, you might want to buy it now." However, a lot of people said, "See ya next Saturday!"

And we hope to see YOU next Saturday..... whether you buy anything or not, you're sure to have fun!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya there!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

He Gave Her A Ring ! ! !

Can't post much here...but I'm sure smiling!!! Had a phone call from my son last night and they're officially ENGAGED!!!! Tentatively looking at maybe an April wedding. They've been together for quite awhile, and I think we all knew that's where this was going....but now it's official!!!! Translation: I'm gonna be a mother-in-law....and hopefully a grandma someday!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO JULIE & J...... I love you both and this just feels GREAT!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Big Sale...and Old Friends

Another weekend of craft sales and another good time. Christmas in the Foothills, held at the fairgrounds in Hutchinson, Kansas is probably the biggest local craft show around. I've done it for the past several years and always have a good time. It's two LONG days however!!!! LONG days!!!! Friday I was there from 8am until nearly 9pm, then returned on Saturday at 8am and it was about 5pm before I was out of there.

It's a pretty well-known show and draws a fairly good crowd. I heard several other vendors complain that they hadn't done as well this year. I actually did a little better than last year. And I thought last year was really great!

But I did have something happen this past week that really "made my day", I guess. Thursday night was "Third Thursday" in Hutch and a friend had asked me to come set up a table of my jewelry in her store. Originally I had said I couldn't because I had to set up for Christmas in the Foothills, but then realized I could do that earlier in the day and still do Third Thursday that evening.

It was a rather cold, windy evening and traffic where we were was incredibly slow. Mid-evening a couple that I've known for many years came in. Well, actually only she, Anita came in because they had a little dog with them. One of the other vendors that was set up also knew Anita, so we all began to chit-chat. Meanwhile there was a man that walked in and just kind of stood there looking at us...specifically he was looking at me. I didn't feel threatened, just a little awkward maybe. Finally he turned and went back outside. Shortly after that the husband, Larry walked in and I said to him, "What did you do with the dog, hang it from a tree?" He responded, "No, Palmer's got him." Well, Palmer was my first husband's best friend and he left here many, many years ago. I said, "Palmer's here??????" And Larry said, "Yeah....he came in but you didn't recognize him!" I jumped up and immediately went outside. Sure enough...there he was!!! Well...long story short (I know, too late)..we visited for probably a half hour and were just tickled to pieces to see each other. Then they all left. About 7:30 traffic was so slow that we all decided to give it up and go home. I was just getting ready to leave when in walked Palmer again! We wound up talking again for quite a while. Then Friday he came up to the Foothills sale and sat behind in my booth and we visited again. Then yesterday I was going to Walmart and there he was helping his 87 year old sister out of a van. Well, once inside the store she went on shopping and he and I stood and chatted again. He was planning to leave this morning to go back to Florida but it was wonderful to see him again. I did find out later that he hadn't recognized me either. His brother Larry had told him I was in the store and that's why he had came inside. As close as we can remember we think it's been about 45 years since we've seen each other. Sure was fun to reminisce!!

All in all a fun (and profitable) weekend. I'm working on trying to buy a little something for my living room, but so far I haven't been able to accomplish it. I'll keep you posted (with photos) if it happens.

No craft sale this weekend...couple of weeks of rest and catching up. Then two bigs one after that. I'll be posting on those too!!! Stay tuned!!!

Count your blessings!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Southeast Saline's Prairie Patch at Gypsum

Once again the people at the Southeast of Saline School District have outdone themselves with their annual arts and craft show, Prairie Patch. Last Saturday, the 12th, was the day. Location...near Gypsum. of about 400-450 people.

Earlier in the week a friend of mine had asked about the show and wondered whether they'd be able to get into it. I assured her it was huge and very full and I would seriously doubt they'd have any spaces left...but it doesn't hurt to call. So she did. A couple of days later she called me just pleased as punch...there'd been a cancellation and they had gotten in!!! What luck!!! I drove up there early that Saturday morning, I thought to myself, "Cheryl has to be thinking I've sent them on a wild goose chase!" It's truly "out in the country." You're actually out in the country before you ever get to "out in the country."

Three gymnasiums. Hundreds of vendors. Huge spaces (12' x 12') Wide aisles. Perfect was actually COOL in there. (Most craft shows tend to hit about 90 degrees, I think!) Great crowd.

Vendors are sent a packet with maps showing them how to get there, where their parking area is located, and where their booth is located in which gym. But the really neat part is: the students carry your "stuff" in!!! I carried my McD's diet Coke and my purse...that's it!!! And the young men even set my tables up for me. Awesome!

9 am they open the doors to the public....and the public, they're THERE! Until 4pm (actually it was 4:10 before I could begin to break down) there are customers. Lots of customers. From Gypsum, from Salina, from Bennington, from Herrington, from Topeka, from McPherson, from Assaria...from everywhere!

This is truly the perfect craft show. The promoters are friendly and helpful. They want feedback. There's even security people on site. And honestly....and those of you who know me know kids aren't my favorite thing....but these kids are SUPER! Every single one of them was polite and helpful. Extending their offer to help without ever being asked. Somebody...parents and/or teachers... is doing a great job in that school district. BE PROUD!!!

All in all, a terrific day!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Great November Day

Yeah....we had a little snow night before last. The yard pretty much stayed lumpy white all day yesterday. But today was lovely. About 60 degrees, the snow's melted, and the wind was "kind."

Carol, Mary and I took off about one o'clock and managed to get in 31 miles. Great ride. Great friends!

The cottonwoods are a brilliant shade of yellow. Don't remember them being this pretty in past years (partially due to having a swimming pool and a neighbor with a cottonwood.) Maybe the lack of moisture and high heat this summer??? Don't know...but they sure are pretty.

Keep countin' those blessings. One of my riding partners and I had a discussion about karma and one of our new expressions is "Your karma jar is empty." Used so far primarily on rude drivers....they, of course, don't hear it, but it makes us feel better about their rudeness and stupidity.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh Deer Me!!!

Cold morning...well, too cold to ride early, so Carol, Mary, and I took off about 11:30. We headed south on Yoder Road. Temperature was about 42 degrees and the wind was "more than brisk." (Not the term I described it with earlier, but that's probably better left un-described.) It was WINDY!!! We were pedaling as hard as we could just trying to keep in forward motion. Quite a bit of traffic on Yoder Road. When all of a mind you it's probably the noon hour...all of a sudden a deer ran right across in front of everyone. It was close...too close. Car drivers were startled, we were startled...heck, even the deer was startled. Plus when he cleared the road and ditch, he tripped over an electric fence. I saw his hind foot bounce on the fence, and I swear I saw it spark. Don't know if that's even possible, but I think that's what I saw. He kept right on moving at a rapid pace for a long way across the field. 'Tis the season, and I guess he had something more important on his mind (maybe he's like most guys and was thinking with his "other" brain??)

Twenty-seven miles today...another great ride. Beautiful day except for the wind (reported at 15-20 mph with gusts.) It was cool but not totally uncomfortable.

Count your blessings! Truly, count your blessings! I do, and they're numerous.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great Photos

I read several blogs every day. Today one of my favorites had some super photos posted. Thought you all might enjoy these: The cobweb one is just awesome, isn't it?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The View From Here

Nice bike ride this a.m. (29 miles) Came home, showered, dressed casually. A friend brought me a dish of eggplant parmesan (delish!!). I ate it and pretended to read the newspaper. Wound up checking my eyelids for leaks.

When I awoke, I got up to go to the kitchen and refresh my iced tea and glanced out the front door. WHA?????? Two city police cars, two sheriff's patrol cars, and a state trooper. Lights ablazing!

Bottom line: probably a drug bust. They took two guys out of the black suv and searched the car. They immediately handcuffed the driver and put him into one of the sheriff's patrol cars. Shortly after that they handcuffed the other young man and stuck him in the back of one of the city police cars.

I actually live in a pretty nice area....but it sure seems like we get our share (and someone else's too) of police activity!

Back to an earlier comment: my friend brought me a dish of eggplant parmesan, a dish with two poblano peppers stuffed with cheese, and half of an acorn squash stuffed with hot sausage...and a salad. She loves to cook and thinks I should eat more veggies! But there was enough cheese there to negate the value of any veggies! Haven't tried the other stuff yet, but the eggplant parmesan was wonderful!

Never a dull moment here!! Well...that's not always true......

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Joplin....nearly 5 months later

I was there a couple of weeks after the tornado hit (May 22, 2011), and then was there this past few days. It's still heart-wrenching. There's a lot of rebuilding and a lot of progress...but you'll still see a lot of damage and wreckage and hurt. (Click on the photo to enlarge it.) Sad...just sad.

Friday, October 7, 2011


A friend of mine actually sent me this in an email...but she didn't post it to her blog, so I like it and will post it to mine!


Friends are like panties...
Some crawl up your butt.
Some snap under pressure.
Some don't have the strength to hold you up.
Some get a little twisted.
Some are your favorite.
Some are cheap.
Some are holy.
Some are a little naughty.
And some actually cover your butt when you need them to....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's My Birthday! sure is! It's been a really great one too...and not just in number!!!

Last night the Homeowners' group went to the Anchor Inn..a local Mexican food was delish!

This morning Carol, Mary and I biked out (the long way) to the Dutch Kitchen for breakfast... well, Mary had a cinnamon roll and I had 1/4 order (1 biscuit) biscuits and gravy and Carol just had coffee. I always have 1/2 order of biscuits and around!! BUT I really didn't want to eat that much and then ride back in. I wound up with 32.52 miles...and it was windy here!

A few midday errands, and then this evening a couple of friends took me to dinner at the Anchor Inn. I love Mexican food so I was completely happy to go two nights in a row. Their pork tostado is is their red beer! Yum!!!

I received some very nice gifts and a bunch of birthday cards and enjoyed each and every one. Hilarious stuff! You'd think these people think I'm getting OLD! Ha!

All in all, a great day. I feel extremely fortunate to be 67 years old and in pretty good health and capable of biking as much as I do. Life's good! Oh yeah...and I treated myself to a little birthday present too: I bought a new flat-screen 26" tv for my bedroom! So far it's still in the box...but I have it, at least.

Oh...and food...yeah...tomorrow is Thursday! If it's not toooooo windy Carol and I are going to go out and ride early tomorrow, and then four of us are going to DRIVE in my car up to Inman for cream puffs! I repeat: YUM!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 4 - Black Eye

Purdy, ain't it? (Act stoopid, write stoopid.) Wish I had someone else to blame this on...duh! No, I don' careful what you wish for!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 2 - Black Eye!

Wasn't below my eyebrow yesterday..only on my forehead. This a.m. it wasn't below my eyebrow ... and then I went for a bicycle ride. 27.55 miles later I'd evidently stirred my blood enough to cause the purple-ness below my eyebrow. We've got another ride planned for tomorrow...may have a real shiner before it's done!

Carol, my riding companion, said I look like a battered woman. My helmet didn't hurt it at all and it really doesn't hurt unless I touch my forehead.

Klutz report finished. Count your blessings...and get out and enjoy this incredible weather we're having. It's beautiful!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Happenings...and Monday Moron-ness

AWESOME weekend!!!!

Lyons Fair on the Square was tremendous! My friend Pat was with me and she called me after we got home to thank me for taking her along. I told her I was glad that she'd gone, because if I'd have called her and told her how good it was she would never have believed me.

She described it as seeing a group of people standing looking at something...who knows what...and so everyone goes to that group to see what they're looking at!!! That was my booth for about an hour and a half....and then it never got un-busy clear up until 4pm! I had a VERY good day!

And so did Pat with her Iris-folded greeting cards! She has a bunch of new ones...All cute, but one of an ostrich that is really wonderful!

Then this a.m., after coffee, I came home and decided to remove the grass that was coming up between the end of my driveway and the street. No biggie...easy stuff. Got it done, was hanging the shovel back up, hit the end of the shop broom and it came down. But it didn't hit the floor or my car or Schiz ... my forehead stopped it! DUH!!!!

Turns out I have a very dirty mouth!

I'm permanent damage that I know of...just kicking myself for being so dumb. Wondering just how my bike helmet will fit tomorrow...hmmmmmmm.

Count your blessings...and enjoy the awesomely gorgeous weather we're having! WOW!

Friday, September 23, 2011

So What Do YOU See?

Bicycle riding is alive and well around Hutchinson! Since September 5 I've ridden 383.6 miles...that includes one full week with no rides at all! We're riding between 25 and 30 miles almost every day...and OF COURSE, every other Thursday it's a 38 miler for cream puffs! So far my September total miles are 441.36. I'm pretty proud of that! It's been several years since I've ridden those kind of miles regularly.

I feel like I'm getting stronger and better each day (not that I've been sick or anything...just better as in "fitter".)

There have been some questions about my eye sight however. So...what do YOU see?

Double click for a bigger, closer view.

We were riding along and I looked to the south and saw this. We've ridden this road a lot of times over the years, and because I didn't remember there being railroad tracks crossing this particular road, I said, "Well...where's that train from?"

Carol looked, then looked at me, like "Are you all right?" Finally she said, "I think that's hay bales." sure LOOKED like a train!!!!

Wouldn't have been so bad except that a couple of days later I was driving south in downtown Hutch and saw a man walking south down the east side of Main Street with a rifle over his shoulder. I was startled! I was talking to Mary on the phone and telling her all about unusual this is....luckily I didn't call 911 or anything. After the light changed and I continued on past him, I could see it wasn't a was a closed umbrella. my defense, he was carrying it like a hunter or soldier would carry a rifle!!!

'Course, that doesn't explain the stiff-legged, bloated deer at the side of the road on another bike ride...yeah....sticks and brush. BUT riding companions could see it too!

In answer to your unasked question...October 24th I think..1 p.m. Dr. B--- Thinking about getting the Transitions kind. Had those many years ago and didn't like them at all...but I hear they've greatly improved.

Tomorrow's a big day....Lyons Fair on the Square...craft show. Looking forward to it. My friend Pat will be going with me and we'll share a booth. Hopefully we'll both come home RICH!!! With money. We're both already very rich with friends and good fortune. Be sure to count your blessings!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cooler Weather and Great Rides

It's been a great week...especially the past couple of days...for bicycling. This morning I even wore a lightweight jacket for the first 14 miles!

Last I posted mileage was August 25..the day we rode to Inman for cream puffs...38.02 miles.

The next day was Friday and we were going to ride a shorter ride...yeah....felt great and wound up with 34.53 miles.

Saturday I was at Yoder Heritage Craft Show so didn't ride and begged off for Sunday as well. Monday is our "coffee morning" so we don't usually ride. Tuesday 26.34 miles, Wednesday 12.54 miles and a visit to the chiropractor (old knee problem that actually is relieved by riding)...but that was followed with instructions from Dr. to NOT ride on Thursday. Friday knee felt great and we did 29.10. Saturday was 26.66 miles and Sunday was WINDY so we didn't go. Today was GORGEOUS and we rode to Nickerson for coffee...27.25 miles.

On the way back Carol mentioned that she's been thinking about a mileage goal. My instant response was something like "" I knew where it was going. 30 days in September...gotta be 1,000 miles! Sure enough...1,000 miles!!!! I'm going to try and do it...however, even if I ride her miles I think I'll be short as I've had a couple of days off and need at least one more for a Sept 24 craft show... And, every day is hard to do! Not that we EVER get rain, but it could happen! The Kansas State Fair starts next Friday and I don't think we've ever got through those 10 days without a good downpour, blowing storm! So...I'm thinking more in the 800 miles range for my goal....and that's still pretty ambitious for a fat girl...ok, fat old woman.

I've been trying to lose weight. If you can believe the scales (and I don't) I've lost 10 pounds. Carol said today, "Well, if you ride those thousand miles with me, you'll lose it!!!"

She's fun to ride with and an exceptionally "safe & sane" rider. She gets it! (I bring this up because someone I know rode with us for a mile or so the other day and was left of center most of the time, weaving and bobbing, uphill and down. Loose cannon! No thanks!)

Other than riding, not much news here. I've been helping another friend some as she's in the middle of moving to a new place. This is the gal with over 3,500 KU items! Yeah...over 3,500!!! That's a lot, believe me. She's going to try to sell a bunch before she moves and says she's downsizing. I brought home nine items to list on either Ebay or Craig's List, but haven't done it yet. (Have to get boxes so I'll know what my postage will be.)

Time to go get busy on something else. Stay busy, stay healthy, stay happy...and don't forget to count your blessings.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Great Shoes!!!

I want some of these!! Seriously!!! The wearer even told me where she got them. These would be FUN shoes!!!!

Today was Yoder Heritage day and I spent the entire day over there with my craft booth. HOT!!! And the tractor pulls were just to the east-south-east of us...and guess which direction the wind was from!? Yeah....east-south-east! But all in all a great day!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Schiz & the Ceiling Fan Heist

Whatever the ceiling fan blows off the table should be hers, right? Nope. But she was so sure!!!!

FYI - I traded it for an itty-bitty piece of chicken. She's probably thinking, "Wow...groceries really have gone up!"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inman Cream Puffs & Bicycle Miles

WOW!!!! last post I told you that I thought Carol was secretly training me. Well, I'm pretty sure that's true. Mileage this week has been:

Tuesday, August 23 - 24.02 miles

Wednesday, August 24 - 26.08 miles

Thursday, August 25 - 38.02 miles

Today - Thursday - we rode to Inman, Kansas, a little town north of Hutchinson. Seemed like every road we took had been recently redone and was smooth as glass. Winds were almost non-existent and only one dog came out. He was a Border Collie that had either learned the hard way or was well-trained to stay off the asphalt. He ran the ditch and was waaaaay ahead of us. When he reached the end of his property line he just stopped and looked like, "Oh...I can't go there" and everything just shut down. He turned and walked back toward his home. No problem.

But here's why we rode to Inman. (Just click on that photo to make your mouth water!)

I'm ready to go again in two weeks when they make these again. DELICIOUS!!!!!!

Marilu, one of my Monday morning coffee buddies, and Carol's husband, Bill joined us at Inman. Bill on a motorcycle and Marilu in a van. I think a good time was had by all!!! :)

Wonderful ride...awesome morning!! 38 miles, home by 11:00 am, and still lickin' my chops over those cream puffs!!!

Count your blessings...they are SO plentiful!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wha's Happenin'

Someone told me they missed reading my blog...because I haven't posted anything for awhile. I responded that my life is truly that boring and with all the HOT Kansas temperatures I haven't been doing anything.

But...just so I don't lose my huge (ha ha ha ha) audience, I thought I should post something here today.

My friend Carol and I have been meeting at 7 a.m. (originally 6:45) to bicycle ride. That means waking up / getting up before daylight. I don't like that part, but I'm sure enjoying riding with Carol again. I'm beginning to wonder if she has a plan however...seems to me that I wind up riding a little more each day.

I usually ride only part of Carol's ride. She usually goes on to Inman or Buhler or Yoder or Burrton or somewhere. However, I've been going a little further with her each day. I said I was going to have to "just put on my big girl panties" and do a "real" ride with her someday soon.

So far here's what I've done:
August 9 - Tuesday: 13 miles (after nearly a full month with no riding)
August 11 - Thursday: 17.10 miles
August 12 - Friday: 7.27 miles...of which 4 were EXTREMELY wet
August 14 - Sunday: 17.04 miles
August 17 - Wednesday: 19.05 miles
August 18 - Thursday: 22.18 miles
August 19 - Friday (today): 23.48 miles

See...I think she's silently training me!!!! And I'm likin' it!!!!!!! In fact, when she told me of a restaurant in a nearby (20 miles) town that every other Thursday has cream puffs, I agreed to ride there with her. Coming next Thursday...and those cream puffs better be spectacular....that's a 40 mile or better round trip. And yes, I know....even 40 miles on a bicycle won't wear off those calories! ( about "big girl panties")

I said a long, long time ago that I don't diet well. "Diet" to me indicates that I'm to think about food I do, and in doing so, I eat more because absolutely everything looks and sounds better to me. The only way that actually works for me is to exercise. diet, more exercise!

Ok...that's about all I've been doing. Coffee one day a week with a few friends, bicycle ride several days a week, and this weekend (well, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun) I'm babysitting my neighbor's little dog. She's a Lhasa Apso/Maltese cross...looks like a panda bear. The cutest, sweetest, giggly-est little thing you've ever seen...about 8 months old. Oh sure...Schiz doesn't like her, of course. Maybe in a year or so...when she's older.

Count your's a great world!

P.S. Just thought I should add for any newcomers: I USED to be a distance rider...I've ridden a lot of days over 40 miles...but not this year. My longest day ever was 106 miles, but these days I'm usually around 20 to 25 miles, with an occasional 30 miler.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grumpy From Heat

Wish this was my original thought...but I heard it elsewhere:

It's not the heat, it's the stupidity!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Leg Cramps and Day Trip (Now Amended!!)

Weird title, huh? Well...I'm trying to get the attention of those people who have leg cramps.

Being a bicycle rider for many years, occasionally I get leg cramps....usually after a ride or after too much standing on my feet for several hours. Recently a good friend who has done a LOT of riding (3 times transcontinental plus many many other distance rides) said she thought she'd found a "sure cure" for leg cramps. I've been trying it and it seems to work.

Last Thursday my sister from Joplin was here and we decided to go to Manhattan (about 140 miles) to see two of my cousins. One of them mentioned that she'd been having terrible leg cramps in the night...up sometimes 10 or 12 times per night. I mentioned the "cure" and my sister confirmed that's what she's used for a long time too.

So...if you have leg cramps, you might want to try this: Mix 2 or 3 teaspoons APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (not the "white" vinegar!) in about 1/3 of a cup of water...add a little honey or molasses or something to cut the taste. Drink it once or twice a day..every day. No more leg cramps. It works! An email (one of several) from my cousin this a.m. urged me to post this on my blog for others who might have the same problem. She said she's been tempted to stop complete strangers on the street to tell them...and she did just that at a local health food store!!! :)
OK....added cousin tells me she NEEDS 2 TABLESPOONS to keep her leg cramps at bay!!! AND...I also noticed that my "recipe" on the bottle says "2-3 times per day"....whatever works for YOU!

My sister has also used the apple cider vinegar pills...but Webmd says they aren't consistent in a lot of ways. I personally use Bragg's Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar...about $6 a quart here in Hutchinson....however, I don't think it's all that much better than just regular old apple cider vinegar from Walmart for a whole lot less money!

Then....for the rest of the Manhattan day trip. We visited my cousins and I brought home a really neat old boot scraper (I love rusty old iron antique-y stuff!!....not dirty boots!). Then we went out to the cemetary where my parents and a lot of other relatives are buried. Then we went up to Rocky Ford...just north of Manhattan in the Tuttle Creek area. My sister and I were "born" in that area and wanted to go take a look.

We walked down two flights of stairs to see the dam and then back up. I counted the second flight on the way back up. 35 steps. Other flight was at least that...maybe more. Old fat girls were huffin' and a puffin'!!! But it was great!

Later on I-70 we came by a Harley dealership that I'd seen earlier and I pulled over to take the shot. Isn't that cool??? That's just well-groomed shrubbery! Very nice!

Great Day!

Count your blessings...they're plentiful!

Monday, July 11, 2011

More Bunny-News

They're baaaccccckkkkk...... These were taken Sunday early evening....there were two but one left before I got my camera. (Double click for close-ups.)

Tucked in where he thinks no one can see him!!

And...clearly Schiz is oblivious to his whereabouts..

I know....someone needs to sweep the patio. But it's HOT out there!!! 112 degrees here in Hutchinson yesterday!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Bunnie Update

7pm and I thought I'd go check on the bunnies. They're GONE!!!! So I went out the front door and started looking. They were under the gas meters which are surrounded by a little wooden fence. Here's 3 of them....but there are 5 total...well, there are 5 that I saw...may be more and I just didn't see them. 2 were in a position where I couldn't get a camera in to take a picture without scaring them all. I think this may be their first outing. I may buy rabbit pellets tomorrow!!!! :)

Bunnie Update

I'm a little concerned about this hussy mother rabbit...seems to me she's sure off galavantin' around all the time. However, she does cover and uncover her babies. BUT...note the greenery in the picture....that's FAKE! It's plastic pieces off of an old artificial fern that was out there this past winter. Surely she could have done better. Maybe it's like we all say: We'll do better when we know better. (Click on photo to see close-up.)

Also...she (I hope) seems to like the grape tomatoes. So far she's eaten 10 of them...and I left 6 more for her this morning.

Also this morning, to top things off, my Rose of Sharon has one bloom. No way am I going to water it..the bunnies are just beneath it. I've watered all around it and just hope enough soaked over that way to keep it damp.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Several times lately I've seen small bunnies out in the yard. Many times when a group of people are sitting around, the adult rabbits in our neighborhood will get within 3 or 4 feet. Last night I was watering and noticed "an old dead, dried leaf" under my Rose of Sharon bushes. Thought I should pick it up and turned the hose a different direction, when I noticed the "leaf" was moving a little. I watched and saw it was breathing. I knew (hoped) it was a nest of bunnies (and not rats or skunks!) so I left it completely alone. I, great dieter that I am, didn't have any lettuce or carrots, but I did take out 3 little grape tomatoes and put them on the concrete of the patio.

Later in the evening, before dark, I looked out and the mama rabbit was over the nest. She must have been nursing them. I thought the rabbits I had seen in the yard were probably past that stage.

Today I went out to look. She has the babies uncovered. I can see three definitely..maybe more. Clearly they are considerably smaller than the ones I had seen in the yard a few days ago. These are tiny..furry, but tiny.

One of the grape tomatoes is still there but someone/something ate the other two. I took pictures but other than you can see fur, you can't really tell a whole lot yet. For now, they're pretty safe...inside my patio where a dog can't get them...and we don't have any cats around that I've seen.

Watch for the continued saga of the Forest Garden Bunnies!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A New Dog Bed

I've already sent pictures of this to most of the people that read my blog, but just have to show the world. A friend of mine had this and their little dog was no longer around, so I bartered with her and brought it home.

I brought it in, told Schiz I had something NEW for her. I brought it upstairs, stuck her pillow in it (it's HER pillow...even though she rarely gets on it...she prefers tile floor to sleep on), patted it and told her it was hers. She immediately crawled right up in it like "No Biggie"....turned a couple of turns, and laid down and yawned.

She may never bother to get in it again, but it was just too cute to let it just sit there in the gal's garage. I just love the little milkbone cutout on the headboard and again on the footboard. If Schiz doesn't sleep in it, I'll probably stack her toys in it...she has a few thousand!

Don't bother telling me she's spoiled...she isn't...she's just special!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Person's Blog

I have several blogs that I read every day. This particular one is one of my favorites. And this particular day just nailed my shoes to the floor. PERFECT! Thank you, Leanne!!!

I've passed it on to several friends and as one wrote back and said, "Did YOU GET IT!?!?" Yes, I did. some people I just need to say, "Here's your cookies...choke on 'em!"

Man, I just love my friends...true friends are awesome, ya know!?!

Count your blessings...and be sure to count your friends as your blessings, for they certainly are!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One More Photo

Here's one that escaped earlier, I guess:
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On a Cool Morning in June

Just look what a "mere woman" can accomplish on a cool morning in June. Got up this a.m. and decided to build a wall. Had to dig out all the old grass (the biggest part of the job) and clean the dirt really good. Then leveled it, laid the first course of bricks (they say if you get the first course right the rest will be ok), and "got 'er done!"

That's 440 lbs. of brick, 200 lbs. of river rock, a pot with fountain grass that was rolled from the patio and lifted onto the rocks....that's 1 66-year old woman!!! I'm proud...also dirty, stinky, sweaty, tired, and tattered.

"Tattered?" you ask.... the process carrying one of the 50 lb bags of river rock I punctured my forearm. Then when moving a little bench into my front garden spot I caught my right knee on one the those roses that I don't like (and they don't like me either!) Later, when putting a pot of springerai fern and a pot of red sweet potato vine on the bench the same rose bush caught my left knee. You guessed it!!! It's not there anymore! Don't mess with me...I'll get rid of ya! Actually I just trimmed it back....severely....and angrily.

So...anyway...I'm delighted with my new awning and my little wall. Wonder what's next?

(BTW...I also did a load of laundry, ran the dishwasher, fed the dog, and swept out the garage!!!

Not like I had to take the laundry down to the river or anything...but still...I got 'er done!!!) AND talked to two people on the telephone!!!