Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Short Month - Long Month

February's been a bitch!!!!!

That should give you some idea of why there have been no posts on my blog. I'm not going to go into much detail here (those of you who know me have already heard it...over and over and over again!!!) For such a short month, it surely seems long to me!

The day after Christmas my sister went to see a doctor, who sent her to another doctor. Who ordered tests, and then sent to yet another doctor.....you get the idea...it goes on. Well, bottom line, on February 8 she had surgery for ovarian cancer. Biggie!!! Yesterday was her first chemo treatment...to be followed by 5 more at three week intervals. On top of all this, she's always been very very allergic to a lot of medications. She reacts with hives and vomiting and passing out, etc. So pain meds are difficult at best. They removed both ovaries, her spleen, her gall bladder; her omentum had attached itself to her colon and they corrected that; they resectioned a bowel. The doctor told us her insides looked like a popcorn ceiling and each piece of popcorn was a cancer cell. They vacuumed her out and he felt they got at least 90% of it and the chemo will get the rest.

And I say this only because she doesn't have a computer and doesn't read/know about my blog - but on top of all that, she's probably the most negative person I know...always has been. This isn't a new thing. She's always seen the glass as half empty.

So....I was in Springfield February 7 through the 12th - sleeping in chairs in the ICU waiting area (as was her son). Then on the 17th she was released to go home and I went to Joplin to stay with her until Monday the 20th. Therefore...no computer, no posts to my blog.

Other than that I don't really feel that I've been all that busy...lots of phone calls, but physically I really haven't done much. Reading a lot....really into the Sue Grafton series! A is for Alibi, B is for Burglar....and on. I've read them all up to S is for Silence (which I'm about halfway done with now)...except for P is for Peril. It wasn't available at the library when I wanted it. Have to go back and get that one later. Reading is an escape for me...I know that...and it's okay!

My riding buddy Carol called Sunday and I was updating her on all this and she said, "You know what you need?" I DID!!! We took off at 10:30 a.m. and rode to Nickerson for coffee, then back to Hutchinson and rode the newest part of the bike path. They extended the Plum Street bike path to go down around by the clinics and hospital. Very nice!! It was a lovely day and there were lots of people out using the path. It has a very rural feeling...also very "park-like." Very nice!! (Didn't I already say that?) Got home with 32.73 miles and feeling much better about life in general!

Talked to my sis last night and she actually sounded better (mentally, emotionally) than she has in quite awhile. They had told her she'd be exhausted - and she was - but seemed more relaxed and accepting that she just has to "do it!" One of my cousins said, "The good thing about the future? It comes just one day at a time!" Yeah..I like that! Same cousin also gave me some excellent advice about travel agents and booking trips (only she will understand that!) But THANK YOU!!!!!

So...short month / long month....I hated to go out of February with NO posts...even though this one may not be the best of news. Oh..but hey...yesterday was Schiz's 8th birthday!!! One of my neighbor gals asked if we'd had cake. Nope, but we had chicken! But..honestly...we have chicken just about every day! I've found Tyson's Chicken Breast Strips (or something like that)...they look like little fish sticks and are fully cooked, so I zap one for 30 seconds in the microwave, cut it lengthwise with the scissors, and then crosswise into itty-bitty bites and mix with her food! I repeat from earlier blogs: She IS NOT spoiled...she's just special!

Count your blessings...compare your woes to others and you probably wouldn't trade with them! Thanks to all of you for all your kind words and prayers...they are all appreciated!!!