Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cooler Temperatures - Bigger Idiots!

Ah.....finally a nice cool evening. It's been so hot here and so many days have passed without once wanting to open up the house and let it air out. So tonight it's cooler outside than it is inside....what a wonderful night to air the house out. EXCEPT.....several idiots in our neighborhood have chosen to have their fireworks fun tonight! Yeah, I went in and re-read the ordinance. It states sales can start today.....but firing of fireworks is from July 1 through July 4, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
In past years I did write to each of the city commissioners regarding my feelings about fireworks. Big fat zero! Today we drove past a fireworks stand that is ran by the Hutchinson Fire Department!!!! Hellooooo!
Last year after the fourth of July, our lawns and streets were littered with trash. Even my swimming pool was full of scraps of paper and ashes.
I don't understand how once something has been established for years and years, it is suddenly decided to reinstate the sale and firing of fireworks.
It also seems to me that quite often the person who'll blow many dollars for something to burn up (be it fireworks or tobacco products), is also usually the one who needs "financial assistance" at some point.
Bottom Line: I hate fireworks! 99% of the people who shoot them off don't even know what they're celebrating...other than that they get to shoot off fireworks!! Duh....maybe it's NOT fireworks I hate...maybe it's the stupid people who entertain themselves with them. Don't even bother leaving a comment if this upsets you....this is MY blog and MY opinion!!! BANG!!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer's Here!!!

Doesn't take long with 100 degree temperatures to recognize that summer must actually be here! It's WARM!!! Pool temperature is up to 86 degrees...almost needs to be cooled down a little...almost!

I have lots of day lilies blooming...all those orange "things" at the end of the pool.

Wanted to show you the cannas...they have continued to come up in abundance. I had killed out the grass around them, put down plastic and mulch and landscape timbers. Now every few days I'll see a big lump of mulch...and sure enough, there'll be a 6" tall canna stem and leaf under the plastic. So I tear a hole in the plastic and let it come through!'s what happens when you don't heed the advice of others. My neighbor told me two or three years ago NOT to put my solar blanket on my grass or it would kill the grass. Well, at that time I had an old solar blanket and some bermuda that I wanted I covered it...nothing much happened. So I figured he must not know what he was talking about.

Last Sunday it was really warm and I mentioned that I was ready to take the solar blanket off "for good" (for the rest of the season) my son helped me and we laid it over on the grass to dry...for MAYBE 30 longer! Monday this is how my grass looked! Oops! Well, honestly, if I was going to kill grass, that was the first I would have wanted to go. It's not very good grass..mostly weeds I think...not much of a loss and I think it'll probably come back.

And's my tomatoes. The two Roma tomato plants aren't very tall at all, but about two weeks ago I counted 24 tomatoes. So far I've picked two and another one is almost ready. The plants are absolutely COVERED with tomatoes...not much foliage, but lots of fruit! And really good!

Hope your summer is going well. We've been extremely busy here...lots going on and I've neglected my blog. Lucky you!!! I'll try to do better in the future! later...
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Working for Forgiveness ???

Today I stopped at the Kwik Shop to buy gasoline. The older woman in the car in front of mine was clearly "stumped" at the computer instructions, etc. I watched for a few seconds while I got my Dillon's card out (to save $.02/gal) and thought to myself, "She's gonna ask me for help...I know she is..." I got out of my car, swiped my Dillon's card, made my gas choice, and started fueling....she's still looking. Then I kind of thought about the way I'd treated the woman in Aldi's the other day (see last blog) and thought, "Do the right won't hurt you!" So I walked over and helped her through it. She didn't have a Dillon's card, but she did have a Dillon's credit card and was supposed to get $.15/gal off. I got her started and went back and completed my fill up, then went in and paid. Walked back to my car and she's checking her ticket..looking confused. She looked up at me and said, "It says I only saved twenty cents." So I went and looked. It said she'd saved $.02 per gallon. I told her I wasn't familiar with the Dillon's credit card and she probably needed to take it inside and ask. So she did.
Anyway...I KIND OF did a good deed to replace the rude one I did the other day. I hope. Later..

Monday, June 8, 2009

A might just want to skip it!!!!

Why is it that sometimes modern technology has turned so many people into blooming idiots!? Within the past few days I've experienced more stupidity than should be possible.

It started at our local post office on Saturday. I KNEW it wouldn't be a good day to do what needed to be done because the "good guys" (Mike, Dennis, and Lynn) wouldn't be there. Little did I know that the two "female postal employees" (you have no idea how much I improved what I've been calling them for the past 48 hours) were morons! And even that's a compliment to their intelligence. Because I fully intend to write a letter to the local postmaster, I'm not going to go into all the details started with clerk A serving customer A at her window. Customer B was standing in line ahead of me and my son. Another gentleman was standing at a table clear across the lobby writing on where even near the line!!!! When customer A completed her task, she walked away from the window. Customer B just stood there with her thumb ....oh, never mind....she waited until Clerk A INVITED her to come up to the window...a useless waste of time!!! Shortly after that Clerk A must have decided that she needed help, so she called for Clerk B. Clerk B came up and said, "Next!"....that would be me and my son...we walk to within a foot of the window, when lo and behold, she sees the guy who had been at the far table and said, "NO....he was in line awhile ago...I'll get him first..." So we went back to the just us. Finally Clerk A gets free and we walk up to her. Our goal was to have my son's name put on the post office box that I've had for probably at least twenty years. This part I'm not going to go into...but she was the dumbest, rudest, stupidest ____________ I can imagine. And then to top it off, Clerk B says, "Do you want me to do their stuff?" when she got free. Thank heavens someone else came into line and she wound up with something to do, because I thought between my son and me we would probably actually show them what "POSTAL" means!!! There's so much more here and I'm not going into it. My blood pressure won't take it!!!
Then today....I went to Aldi's...I bought 3 bags of chocolate chips and a bag of small red onions (special recipe :).....) After I got in line (and if you've ever been in Aldi's you know everybody's hopping and the pace is pretty fast...excellent cashiers!!!) the woman ahead of me says, "Oops, I've got a dented can...I'll be right back!" HELLOOOOOO..... I hadn't put my items on the counter because I thought if she isn't back by the time it's her turn, I'm moving in front of her stuff. So the guy behind me puts his stuff down and I'm sure was wondering why I didn't step on forward. I checked and here come Grannie Gertie with her un-dented can...and goes back to where her stuff is JUST IN TIME! So I lay my chocolate chips and onions on the counter to wait my turn. Grannie eyes my chocolate chips, says to the cashier, "Ring up one of those chocolate chips for me too...I'll run back and get one." Cashier agrees to...still moving along. Grannie's total $$$...of course, she has to dig in the bottom of her purse for it. I'm standing there with a $20 bill ready...but not Grannie!!!'s my turn..Grannie's still sacking so I stepped behind and around her to get my stuff! She takes ahold of my arm and said, "Those chocolate chips...are they in the first aisle about halfway down?" I gave her my best "eat S--- and die" look and said, "Yeah..probably..I don't know...I don't work here!" She waddled off and the cashier and the guy that had been behind me were both cracking up. I apologized and said that I seem to have a VERY short fuse today!
Next stop...MY credit union. I give them 2 $20 bills, and 2 $10 bills and say, "Hi..I'd like to have 10 $5's and 10 $1's please". She needs my account number. I said, "Just to trade me cash straight across...are you serious?" She said, "What's your name I can just look it up that way." I just dug out my card and thought if she asks for my password, I'm DONE! When she did give me the change (exchange)...I said, "Thank you...sure seems like everyone likes to make things a lot more difficult than they need to be..." and I left.
I have to go somewhere later. I probably shouldn't but it's a planned event and at such event I need to be nice. It's not going to be easy if anyone shows up wearing their "I'm stupid" hat!!!
Now...while you may not have enjoyed this particular blog, it was, for me, a lot less calories than chocolate, a lot less energy than a bicycle ride, and the only other stress-reducing thing I can think of requires two people and right now I can't imagine anyone that I would tolerate!!!
So.............thanks for have a good'n, ya hear?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday, June 1

In my last post I mentioned that the pool was still very cool. Yesterday, Sunday, I decided I was going to get in. Pool temp was 74 degrees. I eased onto a floater and managed to stay in the water for about an hour and a half. It was cool however.
Today the temp was 76 degrees and I tried it again. It's amazing what just a couple of degrees can do. I was actually pretty comfortable today. The water isn't sparkling clear yet, but I can see the floor drain and it's getting there. Come on, Sunshine!!!
All my plants are doing wonderful. I have five or six tomatoes that are pretty nice sized. My cucumber vines are covered with blooms. The cannas are growing like weeds. The elephant ears are incredible!! Last year I waited FOREVER before they came up and then I might have had four leaves at best. This year I waited 18 days and have 6 "stalks" and lots of leaves. I like them so much that I'm wondering if I can just bring the pot inside for the winter rather than digging the bulbs up!
My little fish-less pond is beginning to get a settled-in look. The zinnias and marigolds are still pretty small, but they've come up all around it. The zebra grass is doing great too! I'll take a picture in a few days and post it here.
Well, today I finally turned on the air conditioner. The past couple of days I've been tempted but wanted to wait until June 1 at least. Yesterday I went downstairs and was reading/watching tv, and with no air conditioner it was still cool enough that I got a sheet to cover my feet and legs. This a.m. I ironed, then mowed, then cleaned the pool....I was hot and stinky and ready for some cooler the a/c is now on!!! Between the a/c and the pool pump I'm sure my electric meter is SPINNING!!!!!
I don't know exactly why (I do have some ideas), but today has been a day for me to count my blessings. Several times today I've felt happy - thankful I guess...for no apparent reason. I like that feeling alot! Count your blessings...they're incredible!