Sunday, February 27, 2011

SCHIZ IS 7 ! ! ! !

Schiz is seven years old today! We've come a long way, baby. Schiz was more-or-less a puppy-mill dog. From an indiscriminate breeder. A skank!

I've kept a "baby book" on Schiz since the day I got her. She was 5 months and 1 day old when she came to me. I worked with a guy "whose mother raises show quality Shih tzus... but once in awhile if she had one that wasn't show quality she'd place it in a home." BS! The son told me that there were 21 dogs in her kitchen.

Schiz came to me "sight unseen" for $50 from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. No pictures were ever sent, even though I had requested them several times. I knew she didn't have a full mask so I began to look in a psychology book for "split personality"..etc. A line from the book was something like "a lot of people confuse split personality with schizophrenia because the Greek verb 'schizo' means to split or separate." Thus she became Schizo.

She's "pet quality" at best. She still has front dewclaws and doesn't quite fit the AKC standard. She DOES have coat...she has three times what she needs. She can DO full Shih tzu look with hair! But don't you even think about no ugly topknot...won't happen! five months, she'd never been held. Scared her to death to be picked up. She'd never been outside on grass...freaked her out. She was stained with urine and feces half way up on her body...with large chunks of hair cut out (assuming to remove clumps of ???.) She was in dire need of a lot of love and a lot of socialization. She didn't pick her tail up over her back for several days.

Day Two was a trip to my veterinarian. He saw no problem with the unmasked eye. No sign of parasites, worms, or fleas. He even commented that she was a "caged pup...needs lots of love."

Day Three was a bath. She did not like it at all. She hated the hair dryer even more and I wound up letting her pretty much air-dry because I was afraid she'd have a heart attack she was so panicky. She also hated the vacumn sweeper...anything that made noise scared her to pieces.

Great neighbors with a super little dog named Wally...and Schiz was socialized and IN LOVE! These two dogs played together everyday..sometimes all day long. Great buddies! Schiz became a completely different dog.

Today...just mention "sweeper" and she'll beat you to the closet. She loves it...well, what she actually loves is the yellow feather duster that hooks to the sweeper. While running the sweeper I have to say "move...move...move it" several times usually.

She the best, most perfect house-broken dog I've ever had. I think she decided she'd waded around in that stuff long enough and she is VERY good about getting the message to you when she needs to go out.

Schiz is super spoiled. Barks too much. Somewhat picky eater (wonder why?) She recognizes vehicles..just tell her who's expected and she'll watch for that person. She won't bark until the right car gets here...they don't have to be in the driveway..just on the street...she knows! She's still not tremendously fond of being picked up (but it happens several times a day...she just doesn't totally relax into it)...but she totally understands "smoochies"; however, she prefers I get down on the floor (or chair) to provide smoochies. She won't sleep on the bed. I think she gets too hot. She sleeps on the floor. Yes, she has a little bed....sometimes she'll even sleep fairly close to it. She sleeps on the floor.

But...she OWNS this chair and this window:

"Did you say candy for my birthday?"

Yeah...this is Schiz on her 7th birthday...happy, outgoing (OMG!), loves everybody and pretty much everything. She's even beginning to like Bandit...the little black/white mentioned in an earlier blog. She actually played with him a few days could happen!!! (Clairification: "It" means play...both dogs have been altered.)

Happy Birthday, Schizzy! You're my Sweetpea and I love you dearly!!! Happy, happy birthday!

Yeah...she IS one of my blessings. Don't forget to count yours!

Friday, February 25, 2011

TGIF...Oh Yeah...TGIF

TGIF - Thank God It's Friday! Thank God for good news on Friday!!!

I attended a class at our local library this morning and afterwards went by the post office to pick up my mail. In it was a form letter from Hutchinson Clinic stating the "Exam Date 2/23/2011.......we are happy to inform you that your mammogram showed no evidence of breast cancer." I will still be following up with my doctor to find out what or why more tests were necessary, but I'm very very happy to get this news today.

I called a good friend (a GREAT friend) and we went to the Yoder Bakery for a cinnamon roll. There's a lot of good cinnamon rolls in this area: Dutch Kitchen, Carriage Crossing, Allie's Deli...lots of good cinnamon rolls. But Mary and I agreed, Yoder Bakery has the BEST....and today they were just especially good!!!

While I kept telling everyone that I wasn't really worried about the results of these tests, I was still "concerned." I don't think I was worried, but I was definitely relieved to get this letter today. I would have liked a phone call from one of the two doctors the radiology department sent the report to, but that evidently wasn't to be. Hopefully Monday....hmmmmm......

Count your blessings...remember your health, your friends, your happiness...and on and on.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Today's News last Wednesday I went for my annual mammogram. This morning (Monday) I was on my way to meet some friends for coffee and felt a "need" for a few swallows of Diet Coke. I was about ten minutes early anyway, so I swung into the 4th Street McDonald's. The van ahead of me pretty much blocked my view of everything as I waited my turn.

And, as I waited my turn, my phone rang. The woman identified herself as being from the radiology department at the Hutch Clinic. The result of last week's mammogram were given to my doctor to view and she's wanting an additional view and a sonagram (later she said ultrasound) of my right side. No clue. I need to talk to my doctor for further information. So I scheduled the additional stuff for Wednesday morning of this week.

And then the van in front of me was moving forward to place their order. And this sign came into my view. (I went back later and took the photo.) I'm a believer. I'm not a church-goer, but I'm a very definite believer! He speaks to me! And this was this morning's message. I'm gonna take it and run with it!!!!!!

Count your blessings...I do...and I pray that by Wednesday afternoon I'll be counting them even more and thanking God for how fortunate I am.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tired Pup

Yesterday was "groomer day" for Schiz. After we got home, she crashed. She's normally on the back of a chair by the window, watching for walkers...but not yesterday. I was upstairs in the loft, looked over to see where she was, and this was my view. She's clear over on her side...sound asleep! And this morning, she's "full of it"...clearly rested and ready to roar! She's got a birthday coming up next Sunday, the 27th. She'll be 7 years old...oops, not supposed to tell a lady's age, I guess.

Beautiful weather here..especially for February. Can only hope it'll be kind throughout the rest of the winter months. Last Wednesday the weather people were telling we'd had a 95 degree temperature swing in 7 days....from -17 to 78 in one week! Like they say here in Kansas...if you don't like the weather, wait a minute! How true!

Count your blessings...I do...and I think probably even Schiz does!! She's a happy girl!
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snowin' and Blowin'

It's snowy. It's cold. Probably I should forewarn you...this is a rant!

The tv stations are all reporting that Hutchinson has had 19" of snow. It's lovely. Temperature is currently -1. It's lovely. Supposed to get down to -5 tonight...actual, not wind chill. It's lovely.

The guys came to clear driveways and sidewalks. Got everyone's done except 1/2 of mine...and their 4-wheeler broke down. They still had shovels but evidently they don't use half my drive way is still covered with snow...and by the attitude they copped when I asked about it, I'm assuming they won't be coming back to clear it. (They should hope that I'm never in the position of being the person that writes their pen would probably break or something.) Maybe I'll clear it tomorrow afternoon when the temperature gets up a biggie! It's lovely!

Newspaper didn't get thrown until about 10 am this morning....clear out by the street on top the I decided (at that point the snow removers hadn't been here yet) to go shovel the front walk so I could get my paper. As I did I thought I could smell natural gas. After I came back in I called the gas company and they sent a guy out...very pleasant individual. Nope, no gas leak here...he'd check around though. Pretty soon he came back up to the door and said he'd found the problem. My neighbor's gas meter just east of me was "bubbling". He corrected the problem and said they'd contact her to come back out and turn her furnace, etc. back on. Nosy neighbors are STILL the best insurance policy!

Seems like everytime I sit down, I fall asleep...can't be because I'm sleepy because like I said, every time I sit down, I fall asleep. I'm bored!!!!

Today I've made some Zatarain's Jamalaya with cheese (started out to be chili and realized I had only kidney beans or green beans, found the Zatarain's and decided that would be good..and it was.) Also made a pan of brownies. Finished off the last of the cherry bordeaux ice cream...and had some raisins. Finished off some crackers with the Zatarain's. Think all this may explain why I'm sleepy too! Oh, my "food" paragraph...and tonight on tv they're telling that Diet Coke is bad for me. Something like 58% more apt to have a heart attack or stroke. Guess I'll have to look into that clear stuff...what's it called??? Water, I think. They'll probably figure out something wrong with it before long.

I don't think I like winter any more. Yeah....I's SOOOOO pretty!!!! It's lovely! I hate's cold and confining and stifling! Well...I feel better. Think I'll quit now and maybe...oh, I don't know..maybe I'll go to bed. I can surely use a good night's rest!!! Tomorrow's another day...and temperatures are supposed to be better every day for the next 5 or 6....up to 52 on Sunday I hear.

Count your blessings...even in the snow there's way worse things than the life I have and I know that. Life is good. Good night.