Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lookin' Out the Back Door

Should've taken "before" photos...but didn't.  Just overnight the trees have started dropping their leaves like crazy.  Fall has fell!  They're coming down like big yellow snowflakes. (These pictures were taken about noon today...and we've had some pretty good wind all day - 25-35 mph with gusts to 40 is what Channel 22 was reporting - so I'm betting the leaves are considerably deeper now.)  The weird brown box on the right edge of the second photo is the corner of my neighbor's house.  That wall is actually straight up and down...the photo's camera, ya know.  (We all have weird brown boxes that we live in....AND I LOVE IT!!!)  There were two bright red maples in the easement out front...but they're now just sticks, no leaves.

It's been really pretty here.  I hadn't ridden for a couple of weeks because I was babying an eye issue..but last Sunday Carol and I rode to Nickerson (32 miles) and Monday Carol, Mary, and I rode to Partridge (43.84 miles!!!)   So pretty much Monday was kind of "lost" after that.  Had a shower, had some soup, that about covers it.  I hadn't ridden much in the past two weeks and it pretty much used me up.  Sure felt great at the time though.

We didn't get in a ride yesterday as I had an eye appointment (and got a good report on healing.)  Carol and I had planned to ride this morning and a big dark cloud was looming overhead, so we didn't.  By the time the clouds passed (and a tiny dribble of rain), the wind was up.  Tomorrow maybe.

Friday, October 12, 2012

More about "The Dog"

I've said it more than once...even more than twice:  She's gotta be part cat!!!

I said, "There goes the trash truck..." and this is where she decided was ok to go to see out.  And then she stayed there for awhile.  Goofy, huh?  No...that's Schiz...also apropos.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Update on Schiz face!

Becky sent me this photo which she based the painting on...even better, huh???!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cousins Visit

My cousins, Shon and Becky (sisters) came to visit today.  One from near Manhattan, the other from near Topeka.  Both are extremely artistic and talented.  They brought me a house-warming/birthday, a bottle of chocolate wine that looks and sounds delicious...and two:
Becky  hand-painted this picture of Schiz!!!  And she NAILED it!!!  Here's a shot of Schiz with a little longer hair about a year and a half ago
Isn't this just great??  I love it!!!  Thank you!

After lunch at the Anchor Inn, a stop at the DQ for sundaes, and a great visit with lots of laughs and memories, they had to head back home.  I could spend a lot more time with them...we never run out of topics to discuss!!!
Count your'll be amazed!