Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Schiz's Antics

Another gorgeous day here in Kansas. Little windy...quite a little actually...but Carol, Mary and I rode to Nickerson for a soda/coffee. Got home with 27.19 miles...felt really good! Then this evening went to the Anchor Inn for a pork tostado and chips. I'm taking an antibiotic for my teeth (or lack thereof) so decided the big red beer I'd been dreaming of all day probably wasn't the best idea. The food was excellent....but a red beer sure would've improved it!

I have to tell you about Schiz's latest antic. The people across the street from me were getting some new windows. The fellows came and worked for a while, but then left their trailer parked there. After I got home from my ride yesterday, I was hooking up the water sprinklers to water my flower beds and Schiz was outside with me. She went to the end of the double driveway and paced back and forth, curling her head and body, and growling. Occasionally she'd let out one little bark. She simply could not understand why this fellow wouldn't come over and see her...and she's not allowed to go in the street and she knows it! There was no one there...and I could see she was clearly looking at the trailer. DUH!

However, in her defense,this a.m. the trailer was still there and she stopped, looked, and

walked out into the yard to "take care of business"... no big deal.

Count your blessings!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Out Ridin' Again

Wow...here it is January 30 and temp in Hutchinson is 64 degrees!!! I'm at this very moment watering my flower bed as we have had virtually NO moisture this year.

Carol, Mary and I took off on a bicycle ride about 1:30 today and it was simply wonderful. I'd had some "oral surgery" done Friday (had two teeth pulled) and although yesterday was beautiful I didn't think it would be wise to go ride. Today I decided I'm well-enough!!! I got home with 21.6 miles and a big ole smile (well....less 2 teeth...no, they're clear at the back) !!!

On Monday mornings four of us "coffee" together. Conversations vary. This morning one of the gals mentioned a friend of hers had false teeth....and that they had buried little magnets in her gums to hold the teeth in place. We were absolutely falling over each other with punch lines. Can't wear zippered tops anymore. Watch out for the doorknob. Can't get the spoon out of my mouth. And it went on and on and on. I think MaryLou may have regretted telling us anything about it!! When we rode this afternoon we started talking and laughing about it again.

As I mentioned I had two teeth pulled Friday. I've been going to a dentist in Cassville, Missouri who I really liked and who was UNBELIEVABLY cheap...yeah..not reasonable, CHEAP! I wasn't unhappy with his work but was told he was retiring, so I made an appointment at Cambridge Dental in Wichita. I've been twice and I'm here to tell ya...I like 'em!!! Everything has been just great. The people are absolutely wonderful, their work is great, the offices are clean and cheerful (albeit HUGE)...and I am 100% happy with them. Dr. Vessali...she's my dentist from now on! And yes, this is an advertisement! :) Well, maybe not...but they really are great.

Count your blessings....stay healthy...eat right...and walk the dog. It's a great life!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Wintry Day....NOT !!!!

Here it is January 22...usually cold and wintry in Kansas. Here's a picture I took today...looks cold and wintry (other than lack of ANY kind of moisture!) And the temperature is about 56 degrees! Wind was major this morning, but it's pretty much still now.

But...I was bored...so I wasted fossil fuels and went for a ride. I found this beautiful tree... truly pretty...even without much sunlight. Maybe if you'll click on it you can see how pretty it is.

I'm fighting being angry with the world. Why? I'm angry because I can't make someone close to me well. I'm angry because I can't make several people close to me quit smoking. I'm angry because I can't make people use "bcc" to hide everyone's email addresses..and to delete them when forwarding any email. And I'm angry because of an ignorant racial slur that makes my blood boil...and I responded. I've been trying to make that thought "Sometimes it's better to be kind than to be right" work for me...but a neighbor who has recently had major surgery (and is doing great) sent me an email with an EXTREME racial slur...and it was also political. I decided in this case it's better to be right!!! So I told her what I thought of it. Haven't heard back from her and I'm really REALLY ok with that!!! Just wonder if I'll need to move again :).... oh well....

Life is good. I have tons of blessings to count. But it's winter...blah....... But count your blessings and thank God for the good things in life: A couple of cousins who are both healing from recent surgeries, tremendous friends (we've actually named our wrinkles after each other..because we decided they're laugh wrinkles and we laugh a lot!), and overall, life is good!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just a thought....

Saw this today and it fits into my "current world" very well. Not a resolution, but something I'm going to try to keep in mind:

Sometimes it is better to be kind than to be right. We do not need an intelligent mind that speaks, but a patient heart that listens.