Monday, April 25, 2011

Twelve Days Old's been twelve days and the grass is coming in pretty good where the tree was removed. I plan to leave the little string up for another week so that the mowers don't go over it just yet. It will probably require another seeding of grass soon too....but, so far, so good. It isn't a bare stump at least!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stump Grinding

Remember back when this happened about a week before Christmas.

Well...yesterday this happened. Stump grinding. Man, the wood chips flew everywhere, but it only took about 25 minutes to get it GONE!!! The guy was super nice, cleaned up the mess pretty much entirely, then re-ground some spots he had missed. Very reasonable. He left me with about 20 of his business cards to pass around. He's got my vote!

And today, after the yard guys had been here and mowed, I dumped 80 pounds of topsoil and 1.5 cubic feet of MiracleGro garden soil in there and planted a bag of grass. Now it's water, water, water and hope it takes hold a little before next Wednesday so it doesn't get sucked up in a mower. I've cordoned it off, so hopefully that will help prevent it's demise.

(Just as a little side note of humor: last evening while at supper with the homeowners' group I mentioned that I'd had my stump ground today. One of the fellas said, "Well, I thought you seemed in a pretty good mood!!!" Hmmmmm.....whatever could he have meant?!?!!?)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What She Said

Yeah...what she said: Too good not to reference!

It's All Done With Mirrors????

I'm feelin' guilty. I put up a new header yesterday...more experiment than anything...will probably change it before long....but I've already had several emails about how cute the picture of Schiz is. Sorry, folks, it's not's a google picture!!! It really does look like her (and every other Shih Tzu with that coloring), but Schiz is in short coat right now. Too hot for that much hair for her! Here's yesterday's shot of her checking out the new pavers. The header picture will be there for awhile...until I find something I like better.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Outside Activities

For over a week now it's been too windy to bicycle ride (at least for ME to bicycle ride) so I've been trying to do a few things outdoors.

I still haven't given the inside of the fence a second coat of paint...but I did do the outside. And I spent several hours for each of three days digging out all the rock and dirt so that I could lay pavers in the entrance to my patio. I'm barefooted too much to deal with rocks! Still not perfect by a long ways, but suits me fine.

Also I have a LOT of flowers blooming and coming up. I not only have jonquils and hyacinths, but now red tulips and yellow tulips and lots and lots of sprouts that I'm pretty sure are hostas! I love hostas! And of course the knockout roses survived (darnit!) and even the coral bells are beginning to feel a little alive I think.

And the Bradford pear tree is almost done blooming and is getting green now. The lawn guys have mowed twice.... I do believe Spring is here!!!

Today the wind died down quite a bit, but I was kind of committed to other things so I didn't get out and get my bicycle ride. Maybe tomorrow..... or not....listening to the weather forecast. Oh well...we need rain.

Count your blessings!