Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Long Time, No Write...huh?

It's been so long since I've posted to my blog that I nearly had forgotten my password.  But, lucky you...I remembered it!

'Tis the season for lots of craft sales for a vendor...and December 8, as the promoter of my own show.  This will be the 4th year.  Years 1 and 2 were held in my home;  year 3 was at the Boy and Girl Scout buildings on the fairgrounds (3,000 sq. ft in 2 buildings - and we were practically stacked on top of each other); and now year 4: the Encampment building at the fairgrounds.  We'll have 6,400 sq. ft...and just for what it's worth:  I have a waiting list of over 20 people and tried to rent the other half of the building a few weeks back.  Couldn't get it as it's going to be used for the police department's Christmas party that evening.  So...we're still limited this year...but at least the vendors I do have lined up will have plenty of space.  And next year - second Saturday in December (Dec. 14, 2013) - I have already reserved the Domestic Arts building...that's 13,000 sq. ft.  I truly love doing this...both getting the show together, etc., as well as participating as a vendor.

My "real" work was as an accounting manager for a small (65-70 employees) company here in Hutchinson.  I liked it a lot...but I never really had to interact with the public very much.  For the most part, I really do enjoy that part of the craft market.  Once in a while one get's somebody that's a major pain (first name Martha!!!)...I had one last week end.   Not going to go into it here, but afterwards while I was feeling rather guilty and like an outcast, several people came to me and said they were behind me all the way.  I lost a $77 sale....but it was worth it to let the bitch know I was on to her!   Oh goes on. 

Two more shows this year.  One at Lyons on December 1 and my own on the fairgrounds on December 8.  So far this year they've all been very good shows for me.

I've kind of quit blogging for awhile because I figured everyone is sick of hearing the same stuff over and over....but guess what!  Here it is again!!!

Still biking nearly daily.  Weather has been incredibly beautiful here for this time of year.  Upper 60's the past few days.  Today was a little windy and everyone had "stuff to do for Thanksgiving" so we didn't ride today. far this year...I have 4,084 miles!   I really considered getting out today and just cranking around the neighborhood 'til I rolled up 16 miles to get that 4,100...but I didn't.

Tomorrow (Thanksgiving) I'm going to go out for dinner with one of my ex-neighbors.  She came by the craft show I was at last weekend and asked what I was doing, and we decided to go out to eat.  Started out we were going to each cook....then decided how much easier just going out would be!  'Course, that means no leftover turkey.  I may still wind up buying a small turkey just so I can have turkey sandwiches.  And I have everything to make cranberry relish to put on a sandwich.  And I have everything to make a pumpkin log cake.  And I have everything to make Snicker bar cookies.   Here's a puzzle for ya:  what's missing????  Oh yeah....veggies!  Once again!  Some things never change.  Maybe I'll eat A veggie won't be green beans - they're a waste of time in my opinion.  I don't dislike them...they're just a zero.  I like corn and peas and cauliflower and broccoli and even brussel sprouts...but not green beans....and NOT turnips!!!  Turnips are NOT a zero...they're a negative 100!!!  As are their red (sometimes white) cousins: radishes.  Yuck.   When I was a kid (been a while) everyone knew there were 3 foods I simply could not even be forced to eat:  Turnips, tapioca pudding, and warm cereal  (my mom was big on cornmeal mush...and if it didn't get eaten for breakfast, she put it in a can, cooled it, then sliced it and fried it in bacon grease for supper!  OMG!!!!)

With that happy thought (gag), I'm going to wrap this up.  Here's wishing each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Please be sure to count your blessings!   I guarantee I do count mine OFTEN!!!  They're many.   In fact, here's a recent Hobby Lobby purchase of mine. I say it all the time and when I saw the metal piece I knew I had to have it.

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marlu said...

Glad you're back in the blogging business!
There's no accounting for taste - I love cooked turnips, raw turnips, parsnips, radishes, green beans and fried mush!

We're having meat loaf today and turkey tomorrow.