Monday, December 31, 2012

Hacienda in the Snow

Here it is...New Year's Eve....and it's snowed (lightly) all day.  Not that I was planning on going anywhere.  I gave that up years ago.  It's nearing dark but it looks like the snow has pretty much stopped for us, so I went out to take a few pictures.   Here's the hacienda (and the woods out back) in what little snow we've had.

I know it's not much snow....but we've had so little moisture the past couple of years, we're just happy to get ANYTHING!  BTW...if you click on that third photo, you can see my guy in the woods...big like a tree, dumb like a board as my sis would say.   Have a happy new year....and stay safe!!!  Count your blessings!

1 comment:

marlu said...

Great pictures. Love the one of the front patio.

Happy New Year.