Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I REPEAT: USE BCC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recently I received an email from someone who I don't know...never heard of her before...and I'm having a really hard time not responding.  She sent her "change of email address" message to 176 persons....AND DIDN'T USE "BCC".    That's 176 people whose email addresses she put out there for the world to spam.  She said in the her mail that her darling daughter-in-law had taught her how to change her email address.   I SO badly want to email her at her new address and tell her she ought to have her teach her how to use the "bcc" function!   I've gone so far to look up her address and have thought about snail-mailing her an anonymous letter.  How she got my name and email address I don't know.  Maybe she thinks I'm the other person in town with the same name.  I find however (from past experience with ignorance) that reacting to such blatant stupidity can often just cause more of the same.

Perhaps someone (ya live in a cave, do ya???) doesn't know what "bcc" means.  It's "blind carbon copy" and many years ago in the age of real ink and paper messaging, one would put "bcc" and a name or two at the bottom of the master (kept) copy.  A clean message would go to each individual without the others knowing anyone else had received it. In today's world, it also means you aren't sharing everyone else's email address with the world!

So, if you aren't using the "bcc" function...DO!!!! It doesn't take one single keystroke more than the other way.  
                     JUST DO IT!!!! 


June said...

I'd advise you to send a quiet message back to the woman with a link to how to email using "bcc." She's uninformed, not evil. If you share her email address with all those outfits, will it educate her? Will it improve the world?

Barbara said...

Yeah...I agree. You just can't fix stupid!